Presentation: bmw x3 m and x4 m

Presentation: bmw x3 m and x4 m

Almost it seems that when BMW comes back from the race for pure engine power in the top group a little. No, no, the new standard M-editions of X3 and X4 are not silent with 480 hp, but as in the middle class at the M3 / M4 there are providers that suggest even more performance. To you both can only be found in the "Competition" version. Although the "more" is more interesting for the regular’s table, it is still noteworthy, because the M GmbH had certainly calmed the competitors of Alfa Romeo and Mercedes, if you had wanted it?.

But BMW did not want. The three-liter series socket cylinder, charged by two mono scroll turbochargers, provides 480 hp and 600 nm between 2600 and 5600 / min, as competition it is 510 hp. Alfa Romeo calls for the Stelvio 2.9 V6 QV "Quadrifoglio" also 510 hp and 600 nm. Mercedes offers in the GLC 63 S 4Matic + a V8, which also performs 510 hp, but more torque with 700 nm.


Now you should expect that similar performance values in similarly dimensioned vehicles also lead to similar performance. However, BMW calls 480 hp in the standard sprint 4.2 seconds, with 510 hp it should be 4.1 seconds. At 3.8 seconds to underbidden both the Alfa and the Benz. The Stelvio was allowed to help his short weight of about 140 kilograms, but the Daimler is barely significant with 2.01 tonnes than the BMW X3 M. Since it was allowed to strove the BMW fan at the Stammtisch just little that his model is faster with up to 285 km / h – if he invested in "M Driver’s Package". Otherwise is like the Mercedes at 250 km / h. The Alfa runs series-maby up to 283 km / h.

Away from the rigid consideration of factory information, one is probably motorized with each of these models. But this favorite view of things was hardly allowed to be a basis for a purchase. Much tempting is probably the combination of indicated suitability for trips away from asphalt and an acceleration procedure, which would survey almost all other cars if it does the traffic conditions. That from the heavy crates with a high center of gravity despite rapid performance no sports cars in the classical sense, the targeted clientel hardly. She probably preferably performed the beefy appearance, here slightly rebuilt with all sorts of spoiler.


Zimmerich may not be due to the following costs. Even the cost conglomerate from fuel, insurance and wear parts preserves recipients of average income reliable against such brockets. Before you are buying prices or. Leasing rates that would hardly be able to get someone enforced on the family table if the monetic matters are not tremendous anyway about all the mosses. Already the Alfa Stelvio Quadrifoglio costs almost 90.000 Euro, the GLC with 510 hp comes on Ober 92.000 Euro – without further special wunsche, sees itself.

BMW revealed the prices in the youngest past on the day of the premiere, but not in advance. What’s already saying is that x3 m and x4 m get a fairly extensive equipment on the way: hi-fi speakers, LED headlights, the rough expansion stage of the navigation system, leather seats and huge rims obedience without additional payment. Less than 90.000 Euro list price for one of these packages were surprise.

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