Presentation: bmw x2 25e

Presentation: bmw x2 25e

BMW offers the plug-in hybrid drive of the X1 25E, reported on the Heise / Cars in September 2019, also planned in the X2. In view of the numerous biases, which the state preserves these cars, this step appears comprehensible. After all, not only the bonus increase to almost 5000 euros. Because the private use of such company cars must only be taxed with half a percent. This was certainly allowed to be an incentive, although the quota of the commercial received at x1 (around 51 percent) and x2 (60 percent) is significantly lower than other BMW models.


The powertrain is already known from the X1 25e. As a burner, a 1.5-liter three-cylinder serves with 92 kW (125 hp), the electric motor offers 70 kW. The system performance is actually added here and is therefore 162 kW, the maximum torque at 385 nm. The gasoline drives only the front wheels, the electric motor only the rear radder – a classic P4 arrangement. BMW here is here a different way than, for example, in the 530E (test) where the electric motor is sitting on the gearbox.

The already known technical data of the X2 25E acknowledges those in the X1 25E. The X2 PHEV is minimally faster than the comparable X1 at 6.8 seconds and a maximum of 195 km / h. Purely electric drive both a maximum of 135 km / h. The battery capacity is also here at gross 10 kWh, of which 8.8 kWh reload. The electric range at a maximum of 57 km. BMW determines consumption in the WLTP and expects the NEFZ back. The power consumption is indicated by 13.7 to 14.2 kWh / 100 km.

Brimmed charge

The memory can only be charged on a 230 volt socket. As already in the 745E (test) BMW also packs in the two SUV only one charger, which is secured with 10 amps. This achieves the highest charging power at 2.3 kW, which raises the charging time to about 5 hours. At least in this country, most of the 230 volt sockets are hedged with 16 amps, so there were good 3.7 kW charging power problem-free possible. But they only get the battery when connected to a wallbox. Then the 8.8 kWh are lasted in 3.2 hours. The possibility to recharge the battery from the internal combustion engine is here. If you select the "Save Battery" mode, you can hold the state of charge to up to 90 percent, an increase is only intended on the recuperation.

The battery reduces the trunk something. In the X1 25E it is 450 instead of 505 liters, in the X2 25e 415 liters remained. As a serious, many were allowed to see the cutting of the tank volume. In the sole internal combustion engine models, BMW is installed 51- and 61-liter tanks, in the hybrid models only 36 liters.

Save costs

A price for the X2 25E BMW does not call yet. 45.250 euros should cost the X1 25E in the basic equipment, which BMW has extended by a two-zone climate control system. The remaining series of serial is quite obvious, with some color, consumer electronics and small things like lumbar utensils or DAB tuner, the bill was almost always allowed to be significantly more than 50.000 amount to. Although the truth is also obvious: Who wants to have a X1 or X2 with sole combustion and similarly much power, as the hybrid drive provides, hardly pays less, tend to even more. Which is also due to the tax steering effects of politics.

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