Presentation: bmw concept 9cento

Presentation: bmw concept 9cento

You dare something at BMW. At the latest since Husqvarna with the Vitpilen 701 (by Designer Gerald Kiska), one seems to be able to face in Munchen with a progressive design after the retro design has arrived very well in the form of R ninet.

Under the scarce dress of the concept 9cento does not work hardly inhamed superbic motor, but the new row inheritance cylinders from the F 850 GS. He brings it at 853 cm3 displacement to 95 hp. No one needs more. The BMW Motorcycle Chef Designer Edgar Heinrich sees the same way: "Today it does not always have to go to the motto" High, faster, further ". This Concept Bike focuses on balancing."A convincing total package of reasonable performance, reliable tour characteristics and a lot of lane will be. Above all, the Concept 9cento emotions should.


The motorcycle should appear powerful and slim, which was achieved with a pawed front, equal to a wide chest box, and a filigree tail, equal to a slender waist,. The cladding is emphasized on both sides by a silver strip that runs up in the top to the top, but does not cover the front panel, but leave a narrow gap freely. There are two diagonal LED headlights that give the Concept 9cento a predator face. Past the times when you made fun of the tentacle fashion.

Almost a Supermoto

The Concept-Bike looks high-legged, your travel enduro genes do not want to deny them, because with the F 850 GS she has not only the engine, but also the bridge frames made of steel, the swingarm and the right-hand suspended strut together. However, the rear frame is newly constructed and stated above what helps the motorcycle to a higher seating position, but also increased dynamics. The seat cushion is hinted and a tour unwundal.

Under the bench, the designers love a hole, which may be well meant well as GAG, but does not promise any production suitability. At the front, a fully adjustable upside-down fork leaves the wheel from Swedish specialist Ohlins. The Concept 9cento is stopped from radially screwed brembo-monoblock brake pliers. It rolls on 17-inch cast rims with Pirelli-Diablo supercorsa tires, front in the dimension 120/70 and rear in 190/50. The trails are upmously sized what the Concept 9cento actually raves into the Supermoto category.

Tourer and athletes

A wider and high handlebar leads to a upright sitting position, as touring driver loves, but also sporty nature that makes an agile deflect. The joints jerk forward compared to the F 850 gs further backwards and above, which makes the ergonomics in addition to dynamic.

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