Preliminary permission for e-scooters probably still in 2019

Federal Minister of Transport Andreas Scheuer now authorized the announced release for electric cladding vehicles, which was committed at the beginning of the year, is in the news magazine The mirror. The regulation for electric driven scooters and skateboards should be supplied to the Bundesrat in this early year.

The danger should be hazarded on cycling paths or on the strain with speeds up to 20 km / h The mirror. A helmet obligation or – unlike so far planned – the proof of a moped examination is not provided, writes Time online. However, a compulsory insurance.

Officials in the Ministry of Transportation should have hibernated because of the attribution of Electroboard’s concerns, as these are neither equipped with a handlebar nor with brakes. Over this case, scouring. However, the regulation contains a section that refers to the permission of the boards as a traffic attempt. To be revoked quickly, there should be many inflates.

So far, driving with the scooters, which are also called kickscooters, is forbidden on public strain and because. A permit for electricity vehicles is already prepared for a long time. Last year, it was not concluded because a corresponding regulation has to pass on many political and legal stations.

Several companies and start-ups already prepare extensive offers for electric scooters for borrowing, for example, in Berlin – similar to the rental breadrades, car-sharing cars and electric scooters in many German coarse dates. In American city, but also in Moscow, Paris and Vienna, the model is already available.

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