Practical tip: color space with photoshop

Although the color space described by the ICC profile is displayed in a coordinate system of a sufficiently gross reference color system. The Lab system is welcome, exact CIE-L * A * B *, which also serves as a reference system for profiling conversions. It contains all visible colors. For the presentation, special programs are usually necessary.

Recommendation is the Website ICCView, on which you can calculate 3D views interactively, upload your own profiles and compare with other profiles. The two 3D representations on this page come from this source. Disadvantage of these and other (also more professional) programs is that one can not be sure if the representations are based on the same mathematical conversions that use their own program. Ideal would be if the color space representation could be made directly in the program, with which one works otherwise.

Practical tip: Color space with Photoshop

Our color space test image (here only as RGB-JPEG) includes all the handsible colors, you can download it under the specified link as LAB-TIFF.

This is possible in Photoshop. Although there is no extra function for this, however, can edit lab images and mark so-called out-of-gamut colors (colors outside the target color space). These are the basic prerequisites, everything else is available in our special color room test image (download as a TIFF file in the ZIP archive) shows the picture opposite.

The Lab brightness (L *) is required arbitrarily what the cutting plane shifts accordingly by the color space. Also comparisons of several color spaces are possible. Download the color room test image in Photoshop, define a proof condition (Z.B. SRGB or a printer profile) and switch the color peripheral warning via Shift + Ctrl + Y. Now all colors that are not displayed in the proof color space are covered gray. As a render priority, "absolutely color metrical" should be chosen, only then the target color space is displayed exactly. Other render priorities include an episis of black and female point, which deforms the color space something.

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