Power failure in summer

Is it on the energy transition?

Electricity comes from the socket, but not always. For example, in Northwest France at the end of June, there was a major power failure, which was obviously in the overloading of a transformer, who acknowledged his service at 22:00 and trimmed a chain reaction, which went down further. Ultimately, about midnight about 830.000 households without electricity.

The network operator RTE sees the cause in the strong temperature fluctuations in the day. This had been uploaded to the network. Because the network in France (unlike the meshed German network) is designed as a stub line, the failure of a transformer directly affects all customers, which were powered by this transformer. The sudden elimination of these customers then also ensures a certain network instability and causes the next weak point to the next weak point.

It is often attributed to the increasing use of air conditioning data in the summer and thus attributed to climate change to the increasing use of air conditioner data and thus. In addition to the compensated by the consumer side mash out, especially in the summer, when the waxes drove only low water, also trap on the generation side.

On the one hand, this applies the use of hydropower, but on the other hand in a considerable extent the power generation in thermal equipment, such as coal or nuclear power plants. These power plants have to throttle their performance when causing boiled water to be available or the water temperature no longer possible to use as cool water.

It is not surprising that traps in the power supply network can grow into coarse-bearing pension treasures, not only in France with its special network topography. Also in the confirmed networks in Germany, the Monitoring Report 2014 of the Federal Network Agency for the year 2013 mentions about 179.000 Customs that affected end customers.

Power failure in summer

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In doing so, one must take into account that in Germany only electricity traps, which last longer than three minutes, are statistically paid as such. The three-minute border seems to have established at a time when PC power supplies had no meaning. For wear consumers such as Kuhlgerate or electric herds do not affect short-term interruptions of less than three minutes on the company. Even with a washing machine in the heating phase, a power interruption of three minutes leads to no big problem. However, the constitution of a PC power supply can not suppress such interruptions.

If customers with PCs in the past were therefore recommended to secure themselves with a small uninterruptible power supply (UPS) against short network isolators, the increasing replacement of the desktop computer leads through notebooks, which are equipped with a battery, for short network interruptions to fewer. However, to what extent the batteries age faster if they are supplied practically throughout with charging current is still controversial in the expert world.

Current traps in Germany Freigerable because of the energy transition?

For Germany, since the adoption of the energy transition, a more or less violent power failure has been warned. In this context, the summer does not pay in this country so far on the seasons in terms of security of supply. It also has shown that the traditional consumption tips incurred in household electricity consumption for the lunchtime cooking time, on the one hand, due to the change in life habits and on the other, on the other hand, due to the library PV feed tip for the power supply so far no problem. Therefore, the warnings in Germany were in connection with the supply of renewable energy and shutdown gross power plant block most recently the risk of electricity failure in winter, if the sun does not seem and the wind does not blush.

The main enemy of the German electricity grid, however, are neither sun nor wind, which are suddenly not available. The main enemoon of the distribution networks laid in Germany as a ground cable is the common excavator. Even if the striking plane documents of the network operators should show the position of the earth cables, there is always trap, in which the cable then was not there, where it had to lie plantemab. Sometimes the warning strip laid on the earth cable had shifted. In addition, there is also indisponated excavated drivers, which from inattention to a ground cable with brute violence to body.

Then chain reactions often result in meshed networks, which ensure that entire neighborhoods are sitting in the dark for hours. Even a meshed network that has at least two feed points, does not provide a hundred percent security if, for example, the second feed point is uploaded due to the succinct interruption on the other side. For this purpose, in some local networks, erroneous sleeves (connecting elements) are still installed, which are tiled with increased load to network interruptions.

Even if one takes considered that only grid terminals are reported from three minutes and that the statistical data for the duration of the grid terminations do not deliver absolute numbers, but in relation to the number of supplied customers, the network refuse seems to have not been deteriorated since the beginning of the energy transition.

Improved network recovery due to Big Data?

In order to be able to react faster to the power supply, the energy supply is currently discussed in the energy supply with regard to the development of the Smart Grids, whether the customer hotlines quickly survived in the troubleshooting can be yielded or even replaced by the targeted evaluation of other data sources. So you want to automatically search the entries in social media after point of view on network terminations, because it is amed that consumers posts a power failure faster on Facebook than to access the phone and call in the dismantling office of the network operator. However, this approach is only available as practicable if at least the mobile supply with a emergency power supply for the transmitters in the individual radio cells is protected.

The constructed with the energy transition of small feeder in the low voltage network, in a corresponding cell formal design of the networks, can ensure that the electricity distribution in small cells can be organized, which can be organized in small cells, which can be organized in small cells, which are independently of the superordinate network level, which or adjacent cells can be returned to normal state. Thus, with a consistent implementation, the network recovery could be significantly improved. So far, however, one rather relies on a coarse-flat organized power supply and does not want to use the possibilities of numerous feeders specifically. As far as the energy transition, the Monitoring Report of the Federal Network Agency for 2013 could not influence no influence, so no negative, to determine the arance reliability. On the other side offer 179.000 Customs in the almost 880 networks still sufficiently optimization potential.

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