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Peter Greenaway celebrates its failure as a victory over the high culture and Slavoj Zizek finds the visit of a reporter at the Neonazi at home

Film critics, makers and friends mostly did not belong to the people, for the distinction between "High" and "Low", between "more serious" and "entertaining" Art or culture has special meaning. "High" is white wine, "Low" Is beer; "High" is where nothing is deserved and what nobody understands, or: "The trash of a generation is the high culture of the next"…

… In any case, the explanation models, which had the presenter Marcia Pally on the podium of the Berlinale Workshop Framing Reality had to offer their guests. Grateful the handles and did the unavoidable. Obtaining literature and film theorists Elisabeth Bronfen did not call Shakespeare as a paradigm of one over the centuries from the field of folk in the high culture recorded artists.

Peter Greenaway, who also did not want to know his cause as those of the E-Culture, joked by how after the success of his film "The contract of the draftsman", which was celebrated in particular in France as a cinematic masterpiece, the French fans "The cook, the thief, his wife and her lover" fall again. Although the later film is based on the presentation of the highly literary drama, but GreenAway, too, as he is, had also mixed moments of the vulgaritat, the contemporary comics and slang. The film flopped in France, apparently very much to the satisfaction of Greenways, the insured person to know exactly what he did – and was very successful in the failure.

Was not published for discussion, unfortunately, Tom Tykwer (cf. It stretches the noodle advertising her hateful head). In the debate, Tykwers might be more decisive than the American cultural theorist Todd Gitlin, who is the permanent bad conscience of "high" At least that was questionable, a counterpart represented. As you know, Tykwer recently has in conversation with the film editor of the "Time" about the "Dirt" and the "Stupidity" the mainstream movies are known "straight away from Hollywoods industrial schemes".

Said film critics, as one has paid out on the Berlinale, has been deposited to Cuba for more long time – exactly there, where, a tricky coincidence, even Slavoj Zizek had just made a journey and there, as he said, quite well at eight-hour Had been used to talk. Although armed with a stack of ties, Zizek saved, which as a stargast of another discussion round saved "Fiction and realitat" was invited to the manner a longest lecture. Together with the film theorists Gertrud Koch you had him on the documentary filmers Harun Farocki, Andreas Veel ("Black Box BRD") and Christopher Roth set, whose feature film "Baader" (See. The Blitzkwari BOP) today in the competition program of the Berlinale can be seen.

Documentary films – not just those who like "Baader" Working with elements of documentary lugs – are, of course, anything but guarantors of genuine and true. Straight real men’s actors: themselves. And a picture of reality is not such a documentary either, but he takes much too much into life, which in turn poses moral problems very own kind. Krzysztof Kieslowski should have happened once that one of his performers, who handled at slogers in a train station, was uninformed and arrested because of the recordings later as a criminal and arrested; Also from the "Big Brother"-Inmates have you been looking for a lot about problems of nightcaking life.

Even for former RAF activists, the appearance in a documentary could result in one or the other process being recorded again. Apart from all these problems, documentary films – such as reports, have a property, very excited about the in particular Slavoj zizek: a genuine tendency to human. If you say by Hitler, he is also one "person" or if in a documentation, the neonazi at home at his mother shows, says Zizek, then that not only is therefore difficult because you search in the banalitat of the private after deep secrets. But also: Blare ideology: Just to work, we needed that: that we "also people" are.

Veel and Roth, which, as documentary filmmers, where people play a certain role, maybe even that RAF-belongings like Holger’s or Baader have been almost too popfiguren in recent times, looked visual by such theoretical impress. She waved off. Finally, that’s exactly what "the unbearable", So Veel: That you have to imagine Hitler as a person. And if he, Zizek, keep it like the RAF, which also said that you want to reduce people to their function?

Another case for the ideology criticism was the eleventh september. Through the pictures of the collapse of the tower, Gertrud Koch jumped to her colleague ZIZEK aside, the real gray is not fictionalized – and thus made a profit. What could not find the two more young filmmakers at all: just as well as faces have been seen on these recordings, and then they also have a picture of the horror on the phone calls from the aircraft, which later had come into the game can.

Harun Farocki found the only one of the filmmakers into the designed ride. He confessed with unusably reduced sovereignty that he not only little "For the story movie with its fixation on the mating problem" but it also has a disagreement to seek the actual people where he is as such. Therefore, his films also act from "Systems", of recordings from cogs or of them, as supermerscripts are planned. Zizek was unfortunately on Farockis movies with no sentence – maybe because he – as he claimed by himself – was only talking about movies he had seen.

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