Playstation 5: ps4 controller does not work with new games

PlayStation 5: PS4 controller does not work with new games

In a blog entry, Sony has revealed which peripheral devices for the PlayStation 4 also work on the upcoming PlayStation 5. There are good news for players who bought for example steering wheels and headsets for the PS4: These devices are also compatible with the PlayStation 5.

On the other hand, the dualshock controller for the PlayStation 4 will only be supported halfway: games that are developed for the PlayStation 5, you will not be able to play with the dualshock 4. With PS4 titles running over the Abwartskompatabilitat on the PlayStation 5, the dualshock 4 will work, however, Sony writes in the blog entry.

So Sony wants to ensure the blog entry that PS5 games the new features of the PS5 controller "Dualsense" also really exploit. In addition, among other things, trigger with variable resistance, which must also be printed stronger depending on the game situation. In addition, Sony wants to improve the haptic feedback.

The Xbox controller for the upcoming Series X will differ less strongly from the transaction model. This has the advantage of the advantage that the Gamepad for the Xbox ONE is also fully supported on the Xbox Series X.

VR also compatible

Sony’s VR package for the PS4 is still supported at the PS5: both the Move camera and the PSVR controllers will work on the PS5 with support pSVR games, promises Sony. For the camera an adapter is necessary to provide Sony users free of charge. Support for the PSVR headset itself, the company has already explored a long time. It is still unclear whether Sony for the PlayStation 5 is a new version of PSVR plans. Such a system has not been confused so far.

Enforation video for PS5 (Source: Sony)

The PlayStation 5 will appear in two variants at the end of the year: one with drive, one without. Still is unclear how much these consoles will cost. Neither Microsoft nor Sony have mentioned a price for the coming console generation. Analysts go from prices to 500 US dollars.

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