Personalized stamps

Finally, people in the US can design the pictures on the stamps themselves – but also a lot has to be considered

The individualization progresses with the new technologies. People must always adapt to the forefront of mass media, but also adapt to those of mass-industrially produced products. Although they will also be more transparent and better overlooking their activities in which they personalize their activities, they are more transparent, but at the same time it is a profit for freedom, which will now take advantage of people in the USA, which want to design their own stamps, To surprise the receptioners.

Personalized stamps

So you introduce the stamps at Photostamps

So now who wants to send letters, postcards or packs in the US, not only pay the postage of the postage and print out the inernet, but also become creative and figure his own stamps. That may be stimulating, especially in times of election campaign, and also lead to new legal disputes.

Photostamps has recently offered this service. You just have to take a picture that has been made with a digital camera or another digital image file to the company. Within 4-7 days you will receive a bow with the desired stamps that contain the picture.

This is certainly a good business idea, which, of course, also holds its risks. The terms of use make this immediately clear because it can only be used images that can not attract copyright problems. The user must therefore have all the rights to reproduction and is reminded that usually all pictures in the web are protected by copyright. If you have to let your imagination or laziness free run and use protected images, then photostamps secures that the customer is confirmed by his order that the images are not copyrighted and that the company can cooperate with everyone who has a violation of the Copyright. Without the notification of the customer, all data indicated by this can be further given and the pictures or. Stamps are destroyed. This is of course not hindering, still stamping stamps with found pictures.

But there are other interesting restrictions. As customers only persons over 13 years, children under this age have to prove the understanding of their parents. But by course, sometimes, some with the good postal pictures could also send pictures on stamps that have unprocessed or otherwise unwilling content. Although the customer is attributed by the company anyway all risks associated with the pictures, but it is noticable that they do not pursue illegal purposes.

Otherwise, the list is long, which the pictures are not thirst, name u.a. Not obscove, offensive, vulgar, an invasion of privacy or otherwise stobig. You can not harm minors in any way, even if no data can be transferred, which can affect the computer systems of photostamps. And what the copyright is concerned, then that may "moral right" a person or an organization is not hurt, whatever the more accurate.

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