Parrot os 4.10: linux distribution with security focus in new version available

Parrot OS 4.10: Linux Distribution with Security Focus in New Version

The Linux Distribution Parrot OS designed as a live system brings in the "Security Edition" Standard mabig a comprehensive arsenal on tools for IT security experts with. The new Point Relase 4.10 raises the Linux kernel version used to 5.7 and includes various bug and security fixes, including all those from the Testing Branch of Debian Gnu / Linux, based on the Parrot. The Security Tools AnsoSurf, MetaSploit, Greenbone and OpenVas have been updated. Another innovation: In addition to Mate and KDE, the art is also XFCE as a dutton environment to choose from.

Similar to Kali Linux, Parrot OS with the promise to transform a suitable X86 system or a virtual machine with a few steps into a handsome complete packet for penetration testing, IT forensics and other IT security fields of applications. The transaction version Parrot OS 4.9 we have one "Tried out" dedicated to picture. It provides a first overview of the peculiarities and functional scope of the Linux distribution:

Ansurf 3.0, metaploit 6.0 and more

Parrot-specific software Anonturf is now in version 3.0. AnsoSurf serves the extensive anonymization of the system by passing not only the web traffic, but rather overwhelming data traffic through the gate network. Version 3.Among other things, 0 has a new graphic surface, which offers numerous additional adjustment and monitoring options about the automatic start of the program when booting or monitoring the traffic. A Daemon monitor the status of AnoSurf and finishes the software as needed before shutdown to avoid mistakes in reboot.

Parrot OS 4.10: Linux Distribution with Security Focus in New Version

Ansururf in action: The new GUI delivers key status information, among other things.

The version of the Exploit framework metaploit included in Parrot OS was set to 6.0 raised. Information about the new version provides a blog entry of the RAPID7 developer team to metaploit 6.0. The Network Security Scanner Greenbone Vulnerability Mangement (GVM) is available in version 11, OpenVas for the same entrance area in version 7.

Security and Home: Upgrade and ISO images

Existing Parrot OS installations can use the APT package manager and commands sudo parrot upgrade or sudo apt update sudo apt full-upgrade be updated.

Alternatively, ISO images and OVA files (Open Virtual Appliance) are available for virtual machines on the Parrot OS project page for download. Also interested parties that might try to try parrot as Linux desktop system without preinstalled security tools for everyday use, here are here in the form of "Home Edition" sound.

Parrot OS 4.10: Linux Distribution with Security Focus in New Version

The new Xfce variant of Parrot OS is available; Now the developers hope for constructive community feedback.

The new XFCE variant has initially outsourced the developer team to a separate download page. It will be further improved on the basis of community feedback in the coming months and develop into an equivalent alternative to the MATE and KDE expenses.

Further information about the new version will deliver the Relase Notes to Parrot OS 4.10.

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