Operated vw golf plus can now be ordered

Operated vw golf plus can now be ordered

Wolfsburg, 5. February 2009 – After the appearance of Golf VI, VW also adapted the Golf Plus to an exercise and technically adapted to his siblings. From now on, the quite compact can be ordered at the handler.

Technically, the new Golf Plus accesses details, which were first introduced with Golf VI for the first time. The most important novelty are the common rail diesel engines with a power between 90 and 140 hp. According to VW, the consumption of self-cord could be reduced by up to 0.8 liters to 100 kilometers. Currently available is the 2-liter TDI in the power levels 110 and 140 hp, which is 90-PS diesel, according to Volkswagen followed in the course of the first half of 2009.

Now with double-clutch transmission

The conventional automatic transmissions were deleted from the offer, in their place, double-clutch transmissions with six and seven gears. New on board are optional the radio navigation apparatus RNS 310 for 500 Euro surcharge, the parking aid park assist for 637 euros and a jerk camera for 260 Euro.

New textiles

Visually, the Golf Plus suggests a bridge to the current golf classic design. Newly designed were the tailbone and the roof rail. Exercised steel and light metal rims complete the exterior modification. In the interior there are new coatings as well as the instruments, steering wheels and control functions of the climotronic climate control functions used in the normal golf. The modifications have their price: In the future, one must in the future for the VW Golf Plus with 1.4-liter entry-level basin in the basic equipment trendline instead of 17.800 Euro 18.Put 325 euros on the counter. Threstance can those who use the scrapping program for altautos. As with the normal Golf VI, VW recently worshiped a lot of 2500 euros. The incurred customers are dependent on their negotiating skills. The list prices of the now available versions can be found on the following page.

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