Olympus: agreement with jip to the transfer of the camera attempt

Olympus: Agreement with JIP to the transfer of the camera attempt

The Olympus Corporation and the Financial Investor Japan Industrial Partners (JIP) have concluded a final agreement. That was known Olympus today in a press release. This is definitely noticeable that the manufacturer will give his camera shaft.

The agreement provides that Olympus overflow its imaging division into a subsidiary under the name OM Digital Solutions Corporation. 95 percent of the shares in this society should be sent to 1. JANUARY 2021 Go to OJ Holdings – a company founded by JIP Founded by JIP. FUF Percent to OM Digital Solution Hold Olympus apparently yourself. According to Yasuo Takeuchi, Olympus CEO, the explanatory goal is to continue to produce high-quality products in the new structures. For this you want to continue development, production, sales and service in close cooperation.

The agreement extends to all development and production rates, which were previously served in the serving of the imaging division. Marketing and Sales, Development and Design Departments are to move to the headquarters of the new company in Tokyo. Production will stay at the location in Vietnam as before. Support of advised, still manufactured and sold by Olympus, will take OM Digital Solutions.

Many questions open

With the agreement made now the framework for the transition. Olympus ares that the new company can build its products on a strong base around the brands Zuiko (objective) and OM (middle-class to high-end mirrorless). The brand name pen, under the Olympus so far his mirrorless system cameras gathered in the entry-level segment, will not be mentioned with no word.

An indication of how concretely continued to go on the use of Sony’s laptop division by JIP a few years ago. Here JIP holds about 95 percent of the resulting company VAIO Corporation. First of all, the products disappeared from the local market, but now you can again in Germany notebooks under the brand "Vaio" to buy. These are models in the high-priced segment. In an interview with Toyo Keizai Online, JIP businessman Shinichi Inagaki also gave ways to vague insights into his tarpaulin for the future of the comered camera attempt.

So there are currently no consideration to bring back with the products from Europe. While you want to analyze the core competencies of the Olympus system carefully to concentrate on it. Nevertheless, it is important to develop products that go beyond the previous range – for example, monitoring cameras.

Micro-Four Thirds, a good idea?

The mirroring system cameras from Olympus to the Micro-Four Thirds System (MFT). Whether it is still a good idea to go very new here, depends on how ambitious one liked evolving. Fact is, MFT is now a huge system – with a coarse housing and lens variety. Especially the latter is hardly available for development opportunities.

The current cameras offer in a compact hoping a huge variety of functions, which was allowed to be exciting for beginners and ambitious photographers equally.

But right here the question arises about the perspective. If Jip is able or willing to continue to develop the smaller Four-Thirds sensor of the system for the future, so that he is pleased for the steadily growing competition of full format models and his legitimacy can also hold against smartphones? To scramble that, it is still too early.

Another gross question is how Panasonic wants to evolve in the MFT cosmos. With the LUMIX-S cameras, the manufacturer himself has completed the step towards the full format sensor and connected to the L-Mount Alliance. He is aimed at ambitious photographers and professionals with these models. His youngest MFT camera, on the other hand, aims more on a younger social media affinity target group, which wants to produce mostly moving picture content.

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