O2 starts 5g network in funf german grobstadt in october

A good 15 months after the auction of 5G radio frequencies in Germany, the provider Telefonica also increases with its brand O2 in the fun mobile communication generation. At 3. October, O2, O2 launches the 5G network in the fun troughs Berlin, Hamburg, Munchen, Frankfurt and Koln, as the company announced on Thursday in Munchen.

Telefonica Germany boss Markus Haas said his company will invest four billion euros in the expansion of the O2 network by 2022. As with the competitors, private customers can use the fast 5G network at no extra charge. For business customers, O2 will present tariffs.

150 stations at the start

2019 auctioned four mobile communications companies 5G frequencies for 6.6 billion euros. In the same year, Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone began building a corresponding network, now also falls in Telefonica the starting signal. United Internet with its subsidiary Drillisch also reached at the auction to increase the network operator. When this company starts with 5G is not yet foreseeable.

The 5G network of o2 will start with around 150 stations in the Funf Stadten, but in the 3,6-Gigahertz band, however, only a small part of the city area is covered. Haas promised, o2 will promote 5G expansion in the coming months in coarse steps.

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