Number of oldtimers in germany rises

Number of oldtimers in germany rises

The number of vintage cars in Germany has risen again. To 1. January 2019 paid the motor trip Federal Office (KBA) 536.515 vehicles, which were 30 years or old. That’s 58.765 more than a year earlier. With a distance coarsely share with around 475.000 vehicles the cars (88.5 percent). Among them are 148.000 Cabrios. Most classic cars on German straws have between 30 and 39 years on the hump: their stock gives the KBA with around 210.000 vehicles on. After all, 104.000 vehicles (19.3 percent) are between 50 and 59 years old, 43.000 pay 60 years or more.

Bad value system – Monetar viewed

One reason why the number of vintage cars in Germany increases, according to the ADAC, that the total stock of vehicles has been growing for years. Oldtimers are currently only partially suitable as a value. The price increase in the most common models in 2018 according to the association of the automotive industry (VDA) only 2.2 percent. In 2017, the growth was even smaller with 1.4 percent.

However, individual models defy the slow price development. So the BMW 3 experienced.0 CSI Last year "A jump price development". A reason was allowed to be the rarity of the type according to the VDA: "Today there are only 441 approved vehicles of the BMW sports coupe."The most approved classic car in Germany is therefore the VW Cafer. The pretty favorable cars in the past experienced the second highest price increase last year. Due to the age he need more complex repairs or restorations that are reflected in the price, so the association. Vehicles, which are dealt with particularly expensive due to their rarity or their history, are not considered in the so-called vintage car index of the VDA.

Joy should be drive

The ADAC also emphasized, value enhancements in oldtimers give it only in a few models and above all in the very high-priced segment. "For most models, the cost of care, maintenance and proper storage of any value value."Therefore, according to the advice of the club, the joy of the classic vehicle should always be in the foreground when buying a classic car.

A KBA spokesman emphasized the statistics at the reporting date 1. January 2018 and 1. January 2019, despite different subjects, be "one to one" comparable. There is no changed evaluation. "All vehicles that fulfill the status of a classic car (§23 StVZO, § 2 FZV), were and are shown in the table / overview 1."In the publication with numbers as of the balance sheet date 1. January 2019 is the corresponding Table 1 as "stock to oldtimers with and without history indicator on 1. January 2019 after vehicle classes, vehicle age and federal tags "surprises. In the publication of the previous year, it is "insisting on motor vehicles and motor vehicles with history license plates on 1. January 2018 by vehicle classes, vehicle owners and federal tags ".

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