Number of jerk calls rises due to safety mangoes

In Germany, the number of backlacks of cars with safety mistakes has continued to rise last year. This is from a response of the Ministry of Transport to a request of the great. According to Motorfahrtwesamt, 3.5 million vehicles of jerk responcles were affected last year, 600.000 More than in 2017. Thus, the numbers continues a trend of the past six years. For comparison: in 2012 there was only about 820.000 Safety-relevant backrests through the KBA. As a lack of security, for example, defective airbags apply, errors in the steering or braking.

According to the Ministry of Transport, the automakers Daimler and the Volkswagen Group were the most affected affected. For the numbers, however, there were different representations. The Ministry of Transport called in vocational travel Agreement Mercedes (972.803 affected cars) in front of VW (462.813) and Audi (362.586). "The numbers are not comprehensible for us," a spokesman of Daimler replied. According to internal invoices, one can only come to half of the jerk response referred to by the KBA.

A spokesman of Audi said, too, those who are becoming more and more critical and networked throughout Europe, became more jerk actions. Likewise, the diesel jerk responcles are listed last year, which led to higher jerk numbers. At Mercedes-Benz were alone about 110.000 vehicles affected, as a speaker confirmed. However, according to the Federal Ministry of Transport, it is among far "voluntary actions", which were agreed under the "National Forum Diesel".

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