Number of charging stations for e cars rises

Number of charging stations for e cars rises

The number of public charging panels for electric cars has increased significantly. According to the numbers of the Energy Association BDEW, there are currently 23.840 public charging points. Compared to December 2018, this is an increase of almost 50 percent. Three quarters of the charging points are therefore provided by companies in the energy industry. It is now important that in the private sector, Hurden for the construction of charging infrastructure are degraded.


To expand the shopfit for electric cars is this Friday (13. December 2019) A top meeting of federal government and energy industry planned. A flat loading network is considered a prerequisite for the breakthrough of e-cars on the mass market. In the coming years, significantly more electric cars are necessary so that manufacturers can comply with the EU’s stricter specifications in fleet consumption.

The electromobility also plays a central role in the climate protection program of the Federal Government, with which the climate goals 2030 are to be achieved mainly in traffic. For this purpose, a number of 7 to 10 million e-cars in Germany is considered necessary by 2030. The Federal Government had submitted a "master plan loading infrastructure", with which the expansion of the charging suits should be accelerated. By 2030, according to the planning of the Federal Government, one million charging points are to be created.

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