Nuclear stream blocker

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That electricity is not equal to electricity, becomes clear in the production. Some customer were gladly reliable electricity from the Okologically Source. Who wants to refuse nuclear power now, can order the Nucleostop from the Internet.

Nuclear stream blocker

Since the liberalization of the electricity market we know that electricity "yellow" can be and that we can change the provider almost at any time. Finally, we can even decide if we want to relate okologically harmless electricity for a small extra charge. Ultimately, however, it is only an ideological decision whether we want to demand the Okostrom, because what really comes from the socket, we can not influence. Through a tariff computer you can learn which supply is really worthwhile. But often you get through the change to a new electricity provider only atomic current in the household. Which responsible electricity user wants that?

Now comes the solution via e-commerce from the Internet: The nuclear power blocker is here! The little box "Nucleostop" comes directly into the socket. According to the distributor, a so-called nuclear power production arises "Tachyon impulse" and this impulse has a special, unclear signature. This is discovered by the device and the electricity immediately sent back to the sender.

"Nucleostop is maintenance-free and has – thanks to state-of-the-art integrated circuits – a self-power recording of only 0.5 – 2.8 watts, depending on the proportion of the normally added atomic current. The device detects reliable atomic power from each reactor type, whether prere water, light water, heavy water, melt water reactor or faster bruters." For only 849 euros, you can easily find yourself from nuclear power, says at least the unknown provider. Because even with the finest measurement technology, when the device is used, no nuclear power in the household can be found more, it will continue to be on the homepage. Guaranteed is a at least 15-year durability of the device and a three-year-old back period. In addition, there is "For delivery up to 30.9.2000: One Nucleostop Adjusters and Bumper Sticker, and a Nucleostop Teletubbie for the little ones."

Unfortunately, the magazine Okotest in the latest edition (9/2000) takes us the anticipation of atom-free times, because it certifies the "Nucleostop" in your test report only satirical properties.

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