Nrw minister of interior: dimension of right-wing extremer chatgroups maybe underlayed

NRW Minister of Interior: Dimension of right-wing extremer chatgroups maybe underlayed

After a series of right-wing extremist fees in the North Rhine-Westfal police, Interior Minister Herbert Reul (CDU) has snapped to be unified. Forward, for example, in Hagen, Hamm, Gelsenkirchen and the now untarnished chat group had shown: "Apparently we did not recognize everything, maybe even the dimension succeeded", Reul said on Thursday in the state parliament.

"Homes not for possibly held"

Due to chat groups with right-wing extremists have meanwhile been suspended according to Reul 30 police officers in NRW. The suspension of a civil servant was still added. In total, FUNF right-wing extremist chat groups have been revealed. 14 officials should be removed from the service.

"The dimension and this abominations I did not held for possibly", said Reul. It is "Umbreprising, relentious neonazist hits". Reul stressed: "We will work up, radical and down to the smallest detail." In the searches on Wednesday, 43 phones, 19 SIM cards, 21 USB sticks, 20 hard drives, 9 tablets and 9 pcs and a small amount of charging agents have been confiscated.

The dimension of the case has not been foreseeable yet, the CDU politician continued. But he stressed: on the rough majority of around 50.000 Policemen and police officers in NRW is leaving. "The gros of the staff in the police is absolutely integer."

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