“Now it’s about going to rule well and implement #poster dears”

Two-thirds of the SPD members vote for a rough coalition

It was to be expected. The SPD party members have decided again for a new edition of the coalition. Two-thirds or 66.02 percent have voted in a 78 percent stake in the member vote with yes. The anti-Groko movement was only a heaven wind that could not tower the majority of members.

Like Katarina Barley aubert the SPD guidance pleasure about the rough consent: “Overwalling participation in the #members vote of @SPDDE – so democracy is! Thanks to all who have introduced themselves! The decision is clear: two thirds in favor of a government participation. Now “S is about to rule well and implement #poster Dears.”

How the SPD can renew and should renew in a government with the Union, but is in the stars. Whether the SPD will not continue to promote its course in insignificance with the next GROKO or better enforce it in the difference in the past legislature and can give a new profile, one must also refrain from.

The Juso Chairman Kevin Kuhnert, who was known by his criticism of the GROKO continuing, promises to hold down the renewal despite defeat: "Are started to win. Therefore first: suspension. Criticism of #Groko remains. The SPD must be more, as in the last weeks and less, as in recent years. For this we will wear #Jusos worry – no #Presser without us. Tomorrow is"s."

Let’s see if he remains steadfast or integrate how the Angela Merkel has made with Jens Spahn to better control the CDU renewal. First of all, Kuhnert says: "Who believes to be able to get something loose, that one offers a post, did not understand why we went."

The failed Groko opponents and parties have already pushed a new project that will probably not fit the party’s measure in the stuff. Requires a separation between group presidency and party presidency. Under the keyword "More democracy car" If a primitive choice of the party presidency is required, the party executive should therefore quickly carry out a membership survey. In fact, it was well done by renewal and intra-party discussion if party and group presiders were separate. However, the SPD leadership wants to provide Andrea Nahles on a special party convention in April with both officers. After being stabbed to rough resistance, to appoint nahles immediately to the commissary party feet, the office has taken up Olaf Scholz until then.

It is easier for the Union. For all compromises that Angela Merkel has been received, by continuing the Groko new elections or a minority government, she first emerges as a winner.

As expected, the AfD is also looking forward to the continuation of the coalition, because one believes to become even stronger. "Disaster for Germany" The result of the membership decision is mentioned: "Spater at the latest 2021 comes the receipt. Until then, as a strongest opposition party, we will fight for a reasonable and sustainable policy in the interest of the Burger!"

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