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About the latest book by Stanislaw Lem

Stanislaw Lem: Risky Concepts Island Verlag Frankfurt A. Main, Leipzig 2001 ISBN 3-458-17085-5 36 Mark

"I fear of a six billion paying humanity, because only on the island of Robinson Crusoe means the death of a person the end of the world." Fatalistic aubert the Polish writer Stanislaw Lem in his new essay band "Risky concepts". The more people the earth popers, the less the life of the individual means. For LEM, the global village therefore resembles one "Global mordergrube".

What and how much can man know and what does he use? These questions fascinate LEM. The essayist answers of the 80-year, which itself as one "Szientifical all-data-eaters" denotes, fall – pessimistic: neither to the clarified knowledge society still in progress may still believe. "Ten Germans are natural as a funf German", Has Heiner Muller once said. LEM sees the exhibition of stupidity proportional to the world’s volcanism. Whoever wants to capture the knowledge of his time, is in a predicament – as if you want to get in different courses at the same time.

"As we know, the snake managed to move our paradise in paradise to cost from the apple." Today prices "Whole electronic orchard your paradise arrest". Orientation and structure of the WSSEN have been lost, complains LEM. The result is a new edition of man is the man Wolf: "One Man’s Meat is Other Man’s Poison". Even the historical sciences do not dare the way: "The past is under our eyes." Corresponding "overbearing" be "the illustrations of the science of the past."

That no accurate knowledge can know, the Lemsche approaches: Science meets fiction is his motto. "The world wants to be exchanged, so it will be exchanged", he says. "I was a house-handed and home-making philosopher, who tried to refer the art technical works of human civilization", Write the writer about his work. Of all, the blob "pseudocosmic nonsense" Spread, he wants to settle: for him there are no UFOs and no unknown flight objects from the universe. Neither reasonable robots nor will it give way to the people for people to immortality. "The dreams of that man can achieve methusalem age will be able to remain utopias".

Despite all science skeptic, LEM uses more on science than on fiction. And despite the threat of the end of the world, his visions remain humorous: "Terribly serious nuclei could be switched out of my funny Nussen", Tempts it gnome-unknowing.

"We took the end of the nuclear spirit and go to the communication spirit over", he judges about the present. The world goes, that is no question for him. But the destruction will not mind us: for "Pocket phantomate from the coarse of a mobile phone will calm us with intelligent visions".

A chance of some worldwide views created by the world is based on automatically. No reason to blow trubal: "From time to time, a tuna will also get lost on the automatic cemetery and raise his legs, but with Chanel Nr. Pee".

Stanislaw Lem: Risky concepts. Island Verlag, Frankfurt A. Main, Leipzig 2001. ISBN 3-458-17085-5. 152 pages. 36 mark

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