No danger from the black block

German and Japanese investigations are preparing for the G8 summit in Japan

The Japanese political scene is very busy. In no longer three months meet the 7. Until 9. July 2008 at the Hokkaido peninsula The politicians of the eight leading nations for their this-year G8 meeting. As a year ago in Germany, a wide variety of political currents are preparing for the summit. Japanese non-governmental organizations are planning a Zippeak with international participation. Political groupings, which place more on protests rather than lobbyism, have intensified their international contacts.

For weeks, Japanese G8 critics have traveled European countries, learn about the planned activities and seek exchange with like-minded people. Some G8 critics also plan a visit to Japan. But that could be difficult than expected.

The Federal Members of the Left Ulla Jelpke poses the Federal Government in a press release, together with Japan against globalization critic. The basis of their criticism is the answer to a small request from Jelpke and other politicians of the Left Faction. The Bundestag deputies asked for the subject of the consultations between the Federal Criminal Police Office and the representatives of the political police of Japan in August 2007. They wanted to know if concrete experiences with G8 critics have been exchanged in Heiligendamm.

In this regard, the answers were more vague: "With regard to the G8 summit in Japan, the Japanese side was communicated that there was no findings at the moment that from the so-called black block or other groupings known in Germany no danger For the G8 summit goes out in Japan, "says, for example, in the answer.

Now, such insights are more likely to smile and ask for the question of whether these findings are highly efficient meetings of security authorities. But it did not stay there. The Federal Government has confirmed that the Japanese agents of experiences in Germany with demonstration bans, periody influences etc. are interested and that the Federal Government will provide such information. When asked whether these contacts also have information about the development of globalization-critical movement, the Federal Government confirmed that "in the framework of the data in the framework of data is amed any information required for the association of the danger situation in Japan".

This cooperation was concretized in the answer to question 8: Already in September 2007, there have been a talk between the BKA, the Japanese police and the Japanese embassy secretary. The transmission has been provided for the need for information within the framework of the BKA law. Based on a questionnaire of the Japanese police, it has given information about various globalization-critical organizations. Differentiation was made in as extremist and non-extremely exhausted organizations. The question of whether the transmission of information from databases of German security authorities to Japanese bodies was intended to explain that such data assessment is intended when findings exist that it is "potential participation potentially violent German storer in the protests against the G8 Summit 2008 in Japan "comes. However, you do not have a flat-rate information from which files will come from.

However, it is now a court known that persons also listed in different files as a violent storer who had never been charged or sentenced. A Japanese Stateburger was also registered in German files related to the G8 protests. The data of this person was communicated to the Japanese agencies via a connection officer, which cooperated with the BKA during the G8 summit.

The Japanese resist two collapse about the support performance of the Bundeswehr during the supervision of the G8 summit in Heiligendamm. In two talks with representatives of the Japanese militar in the German Defense Ministry, the exchange of experience has been continued. During the G8 summit in Japan, information from the Federal Government will be a connection officer of the Department of State Protection of the BKA in Japan. However, personnel planning in this context is not yet completed.

First refueling already takes place

Interesting goods to learn if the refusal of Japanese agencies for the Berlin historian Martin Kramer was already a result of German-Japanese cooperation. He wanted to participate in the beginning of Marz at the invitation of a globalization-critical organization in the coordination of protests in Japan.

For Japanese G8 critics, the close cooperation between the German and Japanese security authorities is no surprise. Last year, you have not only observed the actions of the German police related to the protests of globalization critics. Be organized even a solidarity custody before the German Embassy in Tokyo in order to protest against the restriction of demonstration law and arrests during the summit actions.

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