Nextcloud hub 22 relieves the admin: users can organize more themselves

NextCloud Hub 22 relieves the admin: Users can organize more themselves

Workflows for permits, decentralized groups, digital PDF signatures and for the first time also a tool for knowledge management – these are the most important innovations of the youngest version 22 by NextCloud Hub. There are also a closer integration of the individual NextCloud modules and numerous improvements in detail.

Defined workflows

With the newly defined approval workflow, NextCloud targets companies with strict compliance policies and defined drainage to release documents. Administrators can now define workflows in which employees respond to approval and responsibly react.

NextCloud Hub 22 relieves the admin: Users can organize more themselves

Approval workflows and digital signatures are two innovations in NextCloud Hub 22. Here are both linked together.

Integrated into these workflows is also the new option to sign PDFs from Right from NextCloud to PDFs or other legally binding documents. The platform is supported for three different tools: the widespread documentign, the open source tool libresign and the EID Easy developed in Europe.

More self-organization with Circles

For more flexible (self) organization of teams and relief of the admins, NextCloud Hub 22 leads the "Circles" used user-defined groups. Users can now organize themselves in different teams and manage permissions there. For example, the exchange of certain documents can be narrowed to these teams.

The newly added app "Collectives" should structure corporate knowledge and connect information with cross-references between documents. Format serve simple markdown files that are stored in the Files app and are searchable in full text.

Further improvements mainly relate to the integration of individual NextCloud apps. Thus, chat messages can be transformed directly into tasks and share tasks in a chat room. The Project Management App Desk was linked to the Conferencing System Talk and also allows you to get files directly to a task.

In the calendar, resources such as Meetingrunda or vehicles can now be reserved. In addition, he got a trash damped to recover accidentally delay appointments. Also the integrated mail app got the attention of the NextCloud developers. She improved the thread display, tagging and filtering mail.

All details about NextCloud Hub 22 are found in the housed blog entry of the manufacturer.

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