Next harsh criticism of “benzine”

Despite the shoulder "Benzine" Throw consumer protections, government’s economy and opposition a bad crisis management and give E10 no future. The chief of the consumer central federal association, Gerd Bilen, spoke of one "Disregard of consumers". "E10 lost our problems", Criticized Grunen boss Cem Ozdemir on Wednesday in ZDF. Especially environment Minister Norbert Rottgen (CDU) criticized criticism. "It was a massive mistake that the Minister of the Environment has not stopped the E10 sales", said SPD boss Sigmar Gabriel the "Daily mirror".

According to subscriber circles, the "summit" On Tuesday a binding E10 information of the motor transport federal office to all vehicle owners in the dispute over the division of postage costs of 15 to 20 million euros failed. "It is not to be explained that the Federal Government lit a reliable information from motorists to the question, who pays the postage for the letters", said SPD faction factions Thomas Oppermann on Wednesday in Berlin.

Consumer Minister Ilse Aigner (CSU) said the German Press Agency, the agreements had to be implemented quickly. "It is now important that consumers get reliable information, both on-site in petrol stations as well as in the case of automotive workshops, for example or via the Internet or via a hotline". The spokeswoman of Environment Minister Rottgen defended the results, which mainly involve an appeal for better information of consumers at the gas station. She spoke of "a success for all involved".

According to the Mineralol economic association, according to a survey, under 1000 gas station customers, 57 percent still reject the biosprit – it contains ten percent ethanol from cereals and Ruben. Although the industry had expected that 90 percent of the drivers of a gasoline became a new E10, the share is only at 40 percent – the rough majority is still fearing the old super variety. Therefore, refineries had to throttle their E10 production and at 8000 of the 15.For the time being, 000 gas stations are not introduced for the time being.

Consumer protection Bilen said the "Ruhr news", It is Scandalos that the proposal of the information on the Federal Office Federal Office was not taken up. He kone it "do not show consumer if he makes a bow around E10 on the gas station. We need legal certainty". The traffic and energy expert of the Consumer Center, Holger Krawinkel, said the DPA with a view of the fauern results, which had also been dealt with in a conference call. For E10, it looks bad.

Grunen boss Ozdemir Oberte’s fundamental concerns: E10 is the most incidental way to reduce the CO2 outstall. The car traffic in itself must make his contribution to climate protection: "This is a speed limit, electromobility, hybrid vehicles and the requirement of public transport", said Ozdemir.

"overturned, supervised and not prepared sufficiently" Called employers’ prassident Dieter Hundt the introduction of E10 gases in the "Flensburger Tageblatt". He pointed out that the EU has planned more time for the introduction of the controversial biosprit than the Federal Government. At the same time a hund "Energy-political doubts" At the introduction of E10 gases. The Federal Government raises the impression of a "umbrella pattern shoulder".

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