Newspaper: vw plans small cars for 6000 euros

The VW Group is planning a cheap variant of the new small car up for thresholders. For around 6,000 euros, a slimmed version in countries such as China, Brazil and India should be offered, writes the Manager magazine, but without calling a source. VW wanted to win new customers with the model, which the products of Wolfsburg could not afford so far.

VW management has repeatedly emphasized in the past, with the basic qualitat of Volkswagen no smears were made, regardless of which markets the cars are offered and what works they come. The European version of the UP is expected to be around 10 from 2013.000 Euro on the market. Gentle variants of the new small car generation are planned at the Group skystern Seat and Skoda.

Since the traditional market in Europe, North America and Japan are already largely saturated, industry experts expect art growth pulses in the first place from the emerging emerging marketers. Duest western treasure are for the mass of local customers, which often buy a car for the first time, but often too expensive and for the local needs also equipped too high quality.

The cooperation with Suzuki, which is intended by VW, pursues the idea of developing a favorable small car for about the Indian mass market. The partnership is slower into progress than hoped. Suzuki is with its joint venture with Maruti undisputed market drivers in India.

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