Newspaper: volkswagen wants to take porsche-holding

Europe’s big car maker Volkswagen wants to take the Porsche Holding in Salzburg this week. The transaction, which was firmly agreed, is expected to be completed on this Tuesday, reports the Frankfurt General Zeitung On Monday and refers to familiar persons with the matter. So far, the company – the large car dealer in Europe – as well as the Stuttgart sports car builder the family Piech and Porsche. Volkswagen did not want to comment on the report.

With the transaction, Volkswagen comes a step forward despite the youngest legal ies at Porsche in the integration of the sports car forge. The deal was already agreed in 2009 for the principles of integration of Porsche by Volkswagen. Porsche should be tentous brand under the Wolfsburg roof in the Group.

The family shareholders of holding had already approved the transfer of society last November. Volkswagen pays an agreed price of 3.3 billion euros, which the families to detect Porsche debt in a planned capital level at the Stuttgart Porsche Holding SE. Debt reduction is a prerequisite for the integration of Porsche. The sports car builder was in debt trap with the failed attempt to take over VW.

The Porsche Holding Salzburg is a highly profitable and efficient distribution company. With it, the Volkswagen Group can continue to expand its power internationally and advanced in the race for the reduction of Toyota as world market drivers. Volkswagen thus significantly strongers its sales enterprise in significant market and region. The Porsche Holding is considered the most successful private car trade company in Europe with a strong prasence especially in Austria, Western and Sudosturopa as well as in China. In the business year 2009/10 (31. Marz) she sold 421.000 new cars and thus set 12.2 billion euros.

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