New dimensions of the exhaust scandal

New dimensions of the exhaust scandal

The Energy and Climate Week Show: From the lignite, a procedure against Germany and a good year for the wind industry

The climate policy does not belong to the important dispute matters at the ongoing coalition negotiations between CDU / CSU and SPD. On this point, the parties had already agreed on an ambitionless minimum consensus in the exploratory languages. After the climate desire of 40 percent emission reduction was initially abandoned by 2020 as no longer achievable, the negotiating partners are now committed to the climate goals for 2020, 2030 and 2050 and want to shape the actions for the 2020 target as soon as possible.

But clear steps, such as a sooner coal outward or effective measures for the transport area are still missing. A plan for "gradual reduction and completion of coal streaming inelectively a final date" Should a commission "Growth, structural change and work" develop until the end of 2018. Here valuable time is playful to shuffle the said actions.

Meanwhile, all possible and impossible tries to protect the lignite in the lignite to protect the lignite industry. We had reported that Stadtwerke Cottbus wants to change its heating power plant to 2021 by lignite on gas.

The SPD Cottbus then demanded on 23. January, over the fuel change a public debate to drove. Gunnar Kurth, Chairman of the SPD in Cottbus, speaks of one "Decision with signal effect" and from "Cohesion in the region", he was so danger. Despite the criticism of the SPD, the city council declared at the end of the project of the Stadtwerke.

In Hambach Forst, there has been a police approach with arrests again, though this winter there is a roding moratorium. Nevertheless, the energy company RWE has with the help of the police on 22. January blockages on the forest trails leave room. Nine climate activists have since been studied since then. According to the police, the use of access and rescue routes was released. The activists see in the arrests an attempt of the animer.

Dispute over nitric oxide loading in the city

Since both federal government and automakers have barely supplied satisfactory answers to the exhaust scandal, the German Environmental Help (DUH) is now trying to help different areas per complaint again for better air.

In front of the Dusseldorf Administrative Court, it is with its application for decommissioning of Euro 5 diesel cars with illegal shutdown software on 24. January failed. The court no plea in the Environment Association, since no violation of our own rights. In addition, the court saw the software updates offered by VW as sufficient, since the limit values required on the Proupling were complied with. The real exhaust values in the strain traffic did not keep the court for the court. The DUH now wants to go into the revision directly in front of the Federal Administrative Court. The association has made a total of ten bads to remove the approval of the named vehicle type.

With the air quality in German badges, not only the DUH, but also the EU Commission. On Tuesday, Federal Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks in Brussel is to be completed, with which measures the Federal Government against the exceedance of EU limits is proceeding for nitrogen oxides. If Hendricks have no satisfactory answers, Germany threatens a breach of infringement before the European Court of Justice.

Four German Verbands prevents EU-Umweltkommissar Karmenu Vella in an open letter, the infringement proceedings against Germany, as long as no short-term maws were taken to reduce nitrogen oxide outcrops. That "Immediate program Clean air 2017-2020" Keep the signatories of the open letter for it unsuitable. In the best case, long-term improvements in the air qualitat were achieved by electrifying urban transport and traffic master planes of municipalities. Diesel vehicles of the EURO 5 and EURO 6 standard had to be reused with suitable hardware solutions, a software update is not sufficient.

With the notion of exhaust attempts to monkeys and people, the German autolobby has just not been particularly popular. The European research association financed by Volkswagen, Daimler and BMW in the transport sector (EGT), according to media reports in 2014 in the US, should have an attempt with monkeys in which the animals were exposed to the exhaust gases of a VW for hours. VW has apologized according to the trials.

But with the monkey trials not enough, the Stuttgart newspaper of experiments reported to people who were also financed by the EGD. With the experiments, the safety of the exhaust gas burden should probably be shown.

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