New details about “iphone se 3”

Apple’s entry-level model under the smartphones, the iPhone SE, was last updated 2020. With a new model, however, is not expected in 2022. Of these are reports from Apple’s supply chain in Asia.

SOC from the iPhone 12

Like the electronics complex appearing in Taiwan Digitimes Write, Plant Apple currently with a publication in the first year. This was done in time in the former scheme – usually new SE models in the early year. The hardware could be a mixture of age and new technique as ual. The built SOC should probably come from the iPhone 12 (A14 Bionic), the radio module as well – so is planned to exaggerate the entry-level grade for the first time with 5G skills.

Cheapest 5G device of Apple

This became the iPhone SE 3 for the cheapest 5G smartphone so far, which has Apple in the program. This statement coincides with info; which made the renowned (and mostly true-safe) Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo from Taiwan in June. He also believes in a new SE with 5G. However, how the hardware will look like remains unclear. Apple was able to follow the former scheme and use a 4.7-inch housing that has existed for years and back on the iPhone 8. Kuo had also speculated but also speculates that the display hardware is borderless for the first time and a touch ID fingerprint sensor sits in the switch-on button, as it is used by iPad Air 4. This was then the so-called "SE PLUS". However, Apple has always brought only one SE variant on the market.

Old Hause, Father Punchhole Camera?

Of the Digitimes-Report expects the housing to remain unnecessary. For later years, Apple seems to plan a redesign – at least that analysts claim. For example, the Group was able to "Punch"-Building the camera where the display has a hole for the front camera, as you know this from various Android advice.

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