Never again internet!

Basically, there was enough for it

Somehow the man is right. The internet is, we’ll be honest, pretty boring. The connections are slowly slow. And then the supposed spab also costs a lot of money. We know all we know and still take it fateful. Not so the Berlin Journalist Kurt Sagatz, who has gone to the internet, namely, to the side never-re-internet.denounce.

There can be any further reason for an immediate netzug, export or short format. And that reads, for example, that:

"Never again internet, because there is too much information because there is too little information because after the cuckooing the Waste comes because I get bad about the pink…"

Sounds all right to convend, and we also know further reason why it’s time to finally leave the network:

"…because now every snooel is driving around on the internet …Because we are quite quite quantity of plugins on many sides …because the network connection is currently unstable via AOL …Because again one in the forum notes that AOL should be stupid anyway …because we have more time to read …Because we come back soon to bed …Because the guys, who perpetuate in Stefan Raab’s network forum, stole the German spelling …because our landlady is now on the net."

And certainly there is a more reason, for example T-Online. Nevertheless, we can only hope that Sagatz Initiative is in the empty space. Alone for Telepolis, that’s no net only a Schnod’s magazine of culture goods.

And the "Switch-on rate" On the Sagatz side let us hope: Just a little more than 120 people have looked at this nightmare in pink so far, and in the discussion forum it looks even more Dusterer. On the other hand, that could also mean that many the parole "Never again internet!" in the meantime and have thrown your modem into the special delicate. Think…! Magazine of culture…! For heaven’s sake!

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