Negotiations on opel future so far unsuccessful

Rough hopes had been put on the meeting on yesterday evening. But today some daily newspapers over the Opel top meeting in the Chancellery. "Why the Opel summit ended as a disaster," says about the world, "GM Leave Merkel Opel Savior," That Handelsblatt. Accordingly, the Federal Government did not succeed in giving a bridge financing for the car manufacturer. Minister of Economics to Guttenberg and Finance Minister Steinbruck gave the guilt of the US side.

Only tangible result seems that the originally three to four interested parties at Opel have remained only two above – Magna and Fiat. But even the Chinese car maker Baic, who was not represented in Berlin, can also be bold. According to reports, GM reports additional liquid maintenance needs. If there was a review loan of $ 1.5 billion, you will now challenge a further $ 300 million. Guttenberg and Steinbruck showed himself surprised and verworked. According to world If the Federal Government is not ready to provide this sum to the GM, GM should raise the money elsewhere.

Magna boss Frank Stronach showed himself ready to pre-finish the required sum, but demanded a hedge from the Federal Government if the American side conditions are not a content. Fiat should get the opportunity to present a similar solution. Minister of Economic Affairs Guttenberg remains in his preserved speech regulation that the default risk for the transferred loans at Opel must be slightly low. "If that should not be the case, just to go (an insolvency)," said the Minister of Economic Affairs world. But that will not be in the interest of the American government.

According to Handelsblatt The Federal Government has set the US negotiating partners – representatives of the government and the parent company General Motors (GM) – a deadline. Until Friday 14:00 German time, all open questions must be clarified, then a new discussion is scheduled. According to the Hessian Minister Prosident Roland Koch, Opel needs after the separation of GM to 1. June already until next Tuesday 500 million. Euro liquidity. However, State BruckenFinancing can not be paid out so fast, so the investors had to step in.

The EU Commission also wants to work with Opel tomorrow. At the meeting at 3 pm, the ministers of all 27 EU states were invited to the end of the economy and industry, said the speaker of EU Industrial Commissioner Gunde. In the EU, GM also has locations in Belgium, France, Great Britain, Italy, Austria, Poland, Sweden, Spain and Hungary. Also in these countries workplaces are danger.

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