Mongodb expands palette for new fur mongodb cloud, atlas and realm

MongoDB expands palette for new FUR Mongodb Cloud, Atlas and Realm

In the context of the 199 Conference Mongodb World – this time as an online event on the 9th. and 10. June 2020 – has Mongodb Inc., The provider of the document-oriented NOSQL database and DBAAS services (DBAAS AS A Service), innovations of all its product series presented. Under the framework of Mongodb Cloud, the company has apparently developed its offer above all in the cloud division considerably.

Mongodb Cloud Bundelt The Cloud Services

Under the new master concept "Mongodb Cloud" Does the company want to summarize all its cloud services. In addition to a new shell and drivers for Rust and Swift in Mongodb published Mongodb Version 4.4 (beta) of the database and a series of coordinated new cloud services such as the scalable serverless interrogation service Atlas Data Lake and a new search engine for the managed service MONGODB Atlas managed by the company, now obtaining a car scaling (beta) and a new feature named Schema Suggestions, which should use metadata and logs for creating new data models.

Atlas is shouldering the Mongodb Cloud

The full-length managed cloud database MONGODB Atlas has extension to Atlas Data Lake, a scalable query service according to the serverless principle, which should allow Mongodb Query Language (MQL) native queries and data analyzes for example on AWS S3. The beta version appeared a year ago, the project has now become a flight and generally available (GA). In addition, Atlas is an online archive and numerous new features to emphasize is also the new full-text search Atlas Search, which has now also left the beta stage and is production ready according to the provider.

MongoDB expands palette for new FUR Mongodb Cloud, Atlas and Realm

Screenshot of the new full-text search Mongodb Atlas Search

MONGODB 4.4 (beta) has appeared

The developer team behind MongoDB has handled the data grouping (aggregation), so that data multiple collections with the workflow step "union" to be combined into a single result set. The new version should allow a refined scaling when distributing the data to different locations (Refinable Shard Keys). Read expires are apparently secured (Hedged Reads) by sending read requests to multiple replicas at the same time. The database then probably outputs the results of the fastest node. Reading accesses should also be mirrored by configurable subsets, which according to Release Notes "keep the cache warm".

There are numerous other innovations, especially in the field of synchronization and streaming, which should open existing users of the database – regardless of their individual cloud use on premise or at a rough cloud provider. A complete list of all changes can be seen as a whitepaper.

Mobile Fusion for Real Time Apps: Mongodb Realm and Realm Sync Beta

At the same time, the company Mongodb Realm, an integrated set of services for the development of applications, presents, and the beta version of Realm Sync. Mongodb had taken over a year ago Realm, the manufacturer of a mobile database and synchronization platform, and its own product portfolio is now expanded as expected by a mobile database offer.

MongoDB expands palette for new FUR Mongodb Cloud, Atlas and Realm

Technology of apps with real-time query of data using Mongodb Realm Sync (beta)

The Developer Team has apparently embedded GraphQL services and data access controls as well as the authentication possibilities. With Mongodb Realm, according to Release Notes, create apps that react in real time to changes in the dataset and always keep the application synchronously with the underlying database. The components are apparently still in the development stage.

MongoDB expands palette for new FUR Mongodb Cloud, Atlas and Realm

Functioning of apps based on Mongodb Realm Sync (beta)

Further information and resources

In-depth information can be found in the respective release notes – employees of Mongodb Inc. have written a blog post for each product, which describes the innovations export. The envision of Mongodb 4.4 Present the new database version, offers a lookout and acts as a guide to the subordinate envisivity. In the Database AS A service area, details in the Release Notes for Mongodb Atlas Data Lake and the new Mongodb Atlas Search. In addition there is an envision for Mongodb Realm and Realm Sync Beta.

Version 4.4 (beta) should be interested in Mongodb Atlas. Alternatively, the release in the development stage can also be downloaded from the provider.

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