Minister of economic affairs gabriel continues to focus on coal

Federal Minister of Economics Sigmar Gabriel (SPD) wants to clarify coal-fired power plants despite the hazardous German climate protection objective. "You can not get off at the same time from nuclear energy and coal streaming. Who wants that, ensures exploding electricity costs, utility uncertainty and the emigration of gross parts of the German industry, "warns Gabriel in a strategy paper that the German press agency is present. In it he explains it for goalich to play in the energy transition renewable energies and conventional power plants to each other.

SPD boss Gabriel is thus against his party friend, Federal Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks. She wants to muff old coal particles to create the German target. Has been planned to reduce the carbon dioxide outset by 2020 by 40 percent against 1990. Even the green want to switch off old coal power plants.

Gabriel sees no conflict with Hendricks: You right that, because of enormous surfaces in Europe, coal power plants were also going step from the net. "However, I am sure that the question of which power plants remain on the net and which are shut down, which should decide and not the state."

Due to the decommissioning of German coal-fired power plants, a ton of carbon dioxide (CO2) for climate protection was not saved in Europe, because the Certificates needed Dafur simply moved to another power plant. Therefore, more pollution rights had to be removed from the market to save the European emissions trading.

Grunen faction leader Anton Hofreiter has accused the Federal Government to adopt himself from their climate protection goal. So far provided is to reduce greenhouse gas emission by 2020 by 40 percent in 1990. "By Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Union was not to be expected in climate protection anyway," said Hofreiter of the German Press Agency. "Should Sigmar Gabriel really sacrifice the climate goals of his profiling as the Minister of Economics, is irresponsible."Germany is a rough blam here. "The former climate protector hour up to the bones embossed there."

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