Microsoft’s flight simulator appears 2021 for xbox series x – s

Microsoft has scanned its Flight Simulator for the Xbox Series X and Series S. The flight simulator should appear new consoles in the coming summer for Microsoft’s. A console version of the flight simulator had already challenged Microsoft before the PC launch – since then it has been quietly around the port.

Apparently, the console catch of the Flight Simulator, however, appears only for the next-gene consoles of the Xbox: Microsoft has called the port only for Xbox Series X and S, a version for the Xbox-One generation is not called.

Trailer for the Xbox version of the Flight Simulator (Source: Microsoft)

So the Flight Simulator was the first true Series exclusive game of Microsoft. The company actually promised to unopolitan two years of all self-productions for both Xbox One and Series X. For this reason, about too "Halo Infinite" For both console generations.

The Flight Simulator, however, is considered extremely demanding and forcing high quality gaming PCs to the highest details in the knees. That the up to seven year old Xbox consoles could cast the flight simulator is therefore unlikely.

VR mode in work

Microsoft continues to work on a VR implementation of the Flight Simulator. Since October, the company is looking for Tester with VR eyewear to implement the new game mode. The VR mode of the flight simulator is expected to work on the PC only – also the new Xbox consoles do not support VR headsets.

Flight Simulator 2020: ImageQuality

Microsoft's Flight Simulator appears 2021 for Xbox Series X-S

Quality comparison Flight Simulator 2020: 1080p, Ultra-Preset, Rendering Class 200

The Flight Simulator came in the summer for the PC in the trade – 14 years after the release of his transaction. The realistic graphic is allowed by online data: Microsoft connects two petabytes to online world data from its search engine Bing with the 3D engine to throw a potential photorealistic world on the screen.

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