Metropolitan: two smartwatches from timex (and huami)

Metropolitan: Two smartwatches from Timex (and Huami)

Timex has explained two new Smartwatches, which should be consuming in the next days at first in the US online shop of the traditional US watch manufacturer. The Metropolitan state in the Timex portfolio so far for simple two-way watches with quartz movements. With the Metropolitan R and the Metropolitan S, two full-fledged Smartwatches now come from which the smaller model is strongly reminiscent of the success clock of a certain marketplace.

Metropolitan: Two smartwatches from Timex (and Huami)

Apple Homage: Timex Metropolitan S

This is also no coincidence: The two Smartwatches are the youngest result of the partnership of Timex with Huami last year. The Chinese Wearable expert is well known as a manufacturer of the Xiaomi-Bander, sold all kinds of Wearables but also under its own brand Amazfit. So it is not surprise that the two new Timex Smartwatches have clear similarities with known amazfit models.

Chrono and Apple

As a coarse of the two models comes the Metropolitan R in a round metal housing, which is only maby with a diameter of 42 millimeters only mabig. The design takes bonds with classic chronometers, the lunette with minute marks do not turn. Where the designers in the 36 millimeter significantly smaller "Metropolitan S" Have inspired, not only Apple fans will be clear at first glance on the rectangular housing with rounded edges.

The watches have an Amoled touchscreen and offer a selection of around twenty digital dials. Noteworthy is the on-board GPS, the running routing tracking can also be allowed without a smartphone. On the underside, an optical sensor measures the pulse, even the sleeping behavior lets. The watches are compatible with Android and iOS. The Metropolitan R is in dark gray and Rosegold, the Metropolitan R in black and rosegold. For both models, Timex calls 179 US dollars.

Technical specifications?

Uber the other technical data Timex not yet much. If one believes that the two new metropolitans share the technical basis with Huami watches, the Amazfit models GTR and GTS fall into the eye. Nothing is known about the SOC used. The operating cysts of Huami is a proprietar, but ables Wearos.

The new metropolitans are not the first watches that Timex brings together with Huami on the market. Your debut gave the two partners in February with the Timex Ironman R300 GPS, which looks like a fitness tracker and is also intended more for sports enthusiasts. A few years ago there was – still without Huami – already a Timex Metropolitan + with a classic dial and two small hands that could show steps and notifications.

TV advertising for the Timex DataLink

Timex belongs to the Frube pione at SmartWatches. In collaboration with Microsoft, the manufacturer brought out the Timex DataLink in 1994, which could directly match data with a computer as the first watch. Over an optical sensor, the clock reads the data encoded in pulsing lines from a pipeline monitor. The watch could store addresses, birthdays or appointments and offered as an alternative to the Personal Digital Assistants (PDA), which came up in the mid-1990s.

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