Manbij: high tribute of civil avenue

Manbij: High tribute of civil avenue

Walking from Manbij, 20 June 2016. Photo: Qasion News Agency EN / CC by 3.0

Achievements in the recovery of the city from the control of IS-Milizen. The blood collapse becomes clear through the US air raids

The city of Manbij (also: Manbidsch) in the north of Syria is a place of some relevance for the IS. The city is a hub for the supply of the IS from Turkey and for the export of blamed antiquities as well as for the Olhandel. Manbij is the last place connecting the capital of IS, Raqqa, over the size of Jarabulus. The control over the area is important because from the Turkish border from camphor for the Jihadists to Syria, exploited speakers of the US wanted coalition, Colonel Christopher Garver (cf. The fight for Manbij).

According to the latest information that the Kurdish news agency has been transferred to the Kurdish news agency, the liberation of the city is shortly before: 80 percent of the city is back from IS, 50.000 civilians are exempt, explores a member of Manbij’s military scratch, formally the backer’s conversion operation "Abu Leyla" leads.

The main weight of the offensive carry the Syrian Democratic Powered (SDF), where Kurdish Pyg play a rough role. From return to the NATO partner Turkeia, the US, which supported the offensive of the Syrian Kurds with enormous air raids, made sure that the Kurdish Campers officially only refer to logistical helpers. In fact, however, the strab stampies in Manbij are mentioned above all the SDF.

The coverage is lubrication, only a few journalists are on site. So much remains in vague. This became clear in US air raids in a place in near Manbijs, which as "massacre" was referred to in civil-population (hundreds of civilians die in US air raids in Syria). It is clear that the attacks very much civilians fell victim.

The numbers vary. According to a representative of the Militarates, there are about 200, aid organizations even call victim numbers of Uber 400, as Le Monde reports today. US Defense Minister Ash Carter ordered an investigation. Their results are still out.

Civilians as protection shields

Until then, it is speculated and discussed whether the civilian victims "inadvertently" be taken by the precision attacks or whether the pilots intentionally "false destination" be supplied. According to Le Monde, which refers to information from local connoisseurs, the victims are mainly evident flights, including many families, from Manbij. According to the French newspaper, there was also air raids on places in the area Manbijs in the following days, where civilians came to life.

The gross justification line for the growing number of civilian dead on attacks on Manbij ("an enormous blood cell") to which the report makes aware of the argument that the IS-Milizen abuses the population as a protective shield. The argument from many conflicts (see the wars in the Gaza Strip). It is plausible and at the same time difficult to check in individual cases from suburb.

However, it is a spicy that this argument is weighted differently depending on the ko0nflict and parties involved. For example, Aleppo is asserted by the Syrian army and Russian air support. There, however, a coarse part of the reporting in the West focuses on the brutatat of Syrian-Russian attacks on the neighborhoods of the city, which are controlled by the Jihadists.

Whether the cheek construct of Manbij only a question of days is how the member of the military counsel in the message mentioned above is abundant insecure. Yesterday, Rudaw reported that only 40 percent of the city was taken. Progress in strab beams slowly design themselves, despite the air understanting of the coalition. Similarly, Al-Monitor reports. The civil-population urges urgently to help – this appeal appears in many messages.

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