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Pharmaceutical active ingredients for selective intent non-history – hype or real possibility?

Depending on view, Jim Carey and Kate Winslet can currently regret or envy – the film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind in which they play the main roles is often used to illustrate a development in pharmacology: the development of drugs Redopery of the human thought.

What happened? It’s about the drug Metyrapon (trade name: Metoripon). What a sensation will be or could remain science fiction, is not yet too much – it has appeared in the man attempt, as Canadian researchers in an article in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology Metabolism report that Metyrapon "negative", This is called with pain and unpleasant remembrances to a certain extent under prere can remain intact for neutral or positive memories.

33 manners with the drug "treated" had been a story with "negative" and "neutral" Elements paid. Three days later they were divided into three groups: the first group received a single-dose of Metyrapon, the second twice the amount. A third group received a placebo. Another four days later, their thoughts were considered in terms of history. The double dose receivers could not get their "negative" Remember elements, while their "neutral" prasent. Metyrapon blocks the formation of cortisol – interestingly the memory of the "negative" Payment ingredients also not access if the cortisol level in the blood of the subjects had reached normal values again.

We are on the way to "Happy Pill"? Maybe. The database is very low at the moment. A certain occasion to mistrust offer the far-reaching hopes that are associated with the previously not very meaningful test results.

Pharma companies are constantly trying to expand the range of applications already enforced medicines, which provides huge advantages towards the complicated process of new development and testing of drugs. Metyrapon, so far only as a relief drug to the document of hormonal disorders (keyword "Adrenal bark insufficiency"), a billion-heavy market potential has been used if it could be used for the intended nesting – in any case a reason to resume mass production of Metyrapon, if it is true that the active ingredient is not produced at all right now.

Particularly falls in this context that it is already discussed, for which clinical pictures the hoped for a new memory drug in question. While behaving tags in the internet forums, whether it is reasonable and ethically justifiable, simply to increase memories, the technocrats are already sure that, for example, the post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSB) is a great application for such a thought-resistant goods.

PTBS has been in the hit parades of the diseases a steep career, which is certainly due not only to a diagnostic fashion, but also the fact that there is no lack of traumatizing situations (whether avoidable or not) is no shortage. There was a drug that took the psychic long-term consequences of traumatizations the sting, just right. As long as not all the fighting of peacekeeping measures of robots is yet to be carried out, a drug that lets the soldiers and soldiers to return to thought from the Holle, of high interest – the war and the crimes they have committed or whom they fell victim were like not. Mr. Mladic could assert with a lot of credible beliefs to know nothing (more) from any war grays.

In other words, social attention for an active substance like Metyrapon is at the moment much more interesting than the active substance itself. This ratio will reverse the moment, in which Metyrapon (or another compound) causes the desired effects reliable. Until then, it is called: Waiting, drink tea and watch Jim Carey and Kate WinSlet in your quarrels in forgetting.

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