Luca app: mecklenburg-vorpommern begins with contact tracking

Luca app: Mecklenburg-Vorpommern begins with contact tracking

Health stores in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern have been connected to the system of the Luca app on Friday to determine the contacts of Corona-infected faster. From now on, facilities – such as business, guest states, cultural enterprises, hotels, resistants and other – and their visitors throughout the northeast use the Luca app. The health officers can then access the fused data for contact tracking in the case of a proven Corona case. "We manage the card", said Minister Presenter Manuela Schwesig (SPD).

The land takes for the licensing of the system and the technical connection to the health markets 440.000 Euro in the hand. For users of the app as well as the hosts the app is free. 3.000 companies had already registered with Luca-Start at Luca.

No tendering procedure

Luca made for a stir in the past few weeks, even because Hip-Hop-Sanger Smudo has actively advertised them. His band "The fantastic Four" is at the "Luca initiative" involved in the Berlin developer company Nexenio. Country Digital Minister Christian Level (SPD) said that one had not decided on a monthly tendering procedure in order to use a solution in good time. Of the solutions on the market, Luca involve the requirements best.

"Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is the first state in which the Luca app can be used flat-covered", said sincerely. This quick possibility of tracking contacts is an important prerequisite for opening public institutions step for step again for the public transport. "At the same time we relieve the health markets who can follow and interrupt infection chains quickly and safely and safely."

Luca and Corona warning app "differ fundamentally"

At the Luca system are three pages involved: guest, hosts and health markets. For the guests it is most convenient to install the corresponding Luca app on your smartphone. But you can also enter your own contact details via the web. The app checks via SMS, whether the specified mobile phone number is right. Check-in on site runs using the smartphone camera, which reads a QR code generated by the organizer. If a user infects, the check-in history with the health department can voluntarily be shared. The health department then informs the individual venues and events and sends a request for data sharing to the LUCA system. With this request, the host can release the health department all simultaneous check-ins of its guests.

The concepts of Luca and the Corona warning app (CWA) of the federal government differ fundamentally. The Corona Warn app states anonymously with the help of the Bluetooth radio, whether two people have come to at least five minutes of dangerous. In addition, the app serves the fast digital transmission of the test results. At Luca is a conscious check in an event location, business, transport or restaurant necessary. Since Luca should also remove the cardboard sector at restaurant visits or similar opportunities, a check in is only possible with contact details, the telephone number is validated. Patrick Hennig, business drivers of the Berlin Startups Nexenio, the "Luca" developed, said both apps were well yelled.

Grading of Luca and CWA

The Luca app is currently receiving a lot of support, but there are also obvious. During the start-up initiative "We for digitization" against a nationwide uniform solution and one "Collaborative, open and shared interface" Strive, just smudo from the fantastic four a juxtaposition of different contact person apps do not make sense. A gateway did not help, "Then the FC Bayern comes with his app or a hotel company." In different places KONNE by using different apps, tracking over other residence locations do not work sufficiently.

Through vaccination and test information, there are a grinding of the Luca app with the Corona warning app come and "the apps are very good", explained smudo, from cultural-philosophical and parliamentary reasons, it is not possible to install this feature in the Corona Warn app. T-Systems and SAP explained that the CWA is also priced in the short term for the rollout of the function and then besides the other apps are used. Expected in April a cluster recognition should also be implemented to really "flat a structured opening" to support from events and locations.

Permit of the Luca App Quell Codes

The LUCA system was not developed with sources (open source), which is criticized by experts such as Tibor Jager, Professor for IT Security and Cryptography at the Bergische University Wuppertal: "Whether and to what extent the Luca app fills your promises, you can unfortunately not rendered from Auben at this time." Patrick Hennig, co-aging and business administration of NEXENIO GmbH, Kundaged, to open the program code in about two weeks. You will use the time to document the program code even better for external experts.

In a Phoenix interview, Smudo experienced a speedy publication of the source code of the Luca app from the fantastic four. "We had a bit overlooked that we start to become public structure, and must still open the source code – there we are right now. We hope that we can be unavailable the code in the next two weeks", explains smudo.

Smudo to the Luca app | Phoenix

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