Loss of value with announcement

Loss of value with announcement

Hannover, 4. February 2011 – Since December 2010, the Chevrolet Volt is sold and GM seems to be satisfied with the results so far. 326 vehicles in December, 321 in January, this is not bad for the beginning, although already 2011 a total of 25.To be built 000 copies of the Range Extender hybrid, it is called Dailytech.

Expensive as two

But hardly because the first volts have landed with their customers, GM spokesman Rob Peterson is quoted in the US media with the statement, the next Chevrolet Volt could become $ 7500 cheaper. The current model costs 41.000 dollars (currently almost 30.000 Euro) – a price tag that can be found in North America only with European luxury limousines. Even the American version of the VW Passat, which has been built in Chattanooga for several days and has far more space than the Volt has to offer, is in good facilities loose for under 20.To have 000 dollars.

What rides a corporate spokesman, so open to say that the current offer is actually too expensive? GM can not even deliver the car in all US states, only in the fourth quarter, the volts should be available in all 50 US states – that is called "beautiful", if it goes after GM diction, because originally the full market cover was planned for half a year later.

Elaborate technology

The pricing of the volt is difficult. On the one hand, GM needs high stucco numbers, so that he is rewarded, one should mean. On the other hand, this is hardly possible at this price – there is hardly a $ 7,500 of State Pramie. GM has selected a technical approach during volts, which uses existing components, but looks quite complicated. The internal combustion engine, for example, is a full-fledged drive motor that is not specifically designed for a range extender operation. The battery is smaller with an energy content of 16 kWh than in some pure electric cars, but looks relatively low in view of the electric range of about 65 kilometers – and is therefore expensive.

It is obvious that GM continues to work differently to the overall co-mood for the next generation, for example, by combustion engines optimized on certain operating expenses, which can be made gunstige and less weighing – or by improving operating strategies that reduce power consumption and thus the battery robe. Maybe in a few years, prices are sinking for lithium-ion batteries and electronic components, although this can not be amed without further ado due to developments in the raw material market.

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