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Koln / Pesaro, 14. December 2015 – The Little Lowe of Benelli is back. For the traditional Italian brand, it had become very quiet, but on the EICMA in Milan, she presented four new models, including the Picture Schone Leoncino.

The brand from Pesaro on the Adriatic Father to the two-wheeled pione. In 1911, the family business was founded by the widow Teresa Benelli to know their six motorcycle curved guys with a workshop. From 1921, the brand made its own motorrader and even brought some world champion titles over the decades. But in the spades of 1960s, Alerejandro De Tomaso (Yes, the sports car Pantera) bought the company in the spades of 1960s. Benelli built in 1974 with the 750 is the first serial six-cylinder motorcycle. In the mid-1980s, the brand insolvency had to sign up, but in 1992, the rich entrepreneur family Merloni acquired the rights to Benelli and first produced scooters. In 2002, gross motorrader dared to build with the athlete Tornado Tre 900, which was fired from a three-cylinder. Two years later, with the radically designed Naked Bike TNT a real coup. But unfortunately Benelli was financially on shaky legs and so the brand 2005 was sold to the Chinese motorcycle manufacturer Qianjiang (QJ). The Chinese continued Benelli twice. On the one hand, they still love Motorrader in Italy, but also produced in the Far East for the Chinese market tailored new models with smaller clamps under the name Benelli.


The Leoncino in the Scrambler look may be paid safely to the greater crades of this year’s EICMA, and yet she went under the hustle and bustle of the large brands. Benelli named the Leoncino after a model from the 1950s and 1960s, because retro bikes are currently in Vogue. Who sees a certain similarity to the Ducati Scrambler, is not quite wrong, but the Leoncino is constructed individually, using the new Design Center "Centrostile Benelli" in Pesaro.

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