Kirkuk: the iraqi army ride with tanks in the city

Kirkuk: The Iraqi army ride with tanks in the city

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The militar surgery is a response to the independence reference. The command of the peeschmerga speaks of a war recognition

In Kirkuk, Iraqi tanks are retracted today. Previously, the Iraqi army had brought important infrastructural facilities, Olfelder and the K-1 military object in the northeast of the city in the northeast of the city in the northeast of the city in the northeast of the city.

Tense situation in Kirkuk

The situation in the city of Kirkuk describes the Lebanese reporter Jenan Moussa on Monday morning as a very tense, everywhere one was hit on Peshmerga and armed civilians. It gives strain barriers. On the strain itself, an emptiness was prevalent, which she is still familiar as Lebanesin from the Burger War in her country. As a purpose of the militar action, it ames that the central government in Baghdad Military and Olfelder is about the residential areas in Kirkuk Wool.

At Rudaw, criminal stresses, which Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi has set the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi in accordance with the independence in the autonomous region. Al-Abadi had warned the Kurdish President Masud Barzani before holding the folk decision and was confused that there is also a military option.

On Friday, his nephew warned, the reigning Minister President of the Government in Erbil (KRG) in front of an upcoming offensive of the Iraqi army on Kirkuk, other observers such as Kamal Sido languages of corresponding preparations that denied Iraqi army.

"The beginning of a new political military phase"

On Sunday evening, according to Rudaw, it came to fight between Peschmerga and the Iraqi Army. The speaker of the Peschmerga Ministry Halgurd Hikmat is cited there that you want to recover the lost stall points in the south and west of the city. Hikmat exults an actual description of the events – "It is the beginning of a new political military phase"- for a peculiar situation. Both counterparties combat with US weapons, as both the Peschmerga as the Iraqi army is supported by the USA.

So far, there is a statement of the embassy in Baghdad, which shows worried and prompted all parties to end the military actions. The text speaks for a peaceful joint activity of the two governments in the sense of Iraqi resistance and recalls that the IS is the common opponent.

For the US, the conflict is difficult, because on the way of the Iraqi army you support and trained and trained and trained and trained and trained the Shiite Al-Hashd militias, which are closely linked to Iran. According to the journalist Elijah J. Magnier, which obviously has good contacts with the Iraqi government, is the well-known Iranian general of the revolutionary Garden, Kassem Soleimani, in Erbil to there Masud Barzani about it "inform", that the Iraqi Central Government wants to resolve control of the areas conquered by Peshmerga militia in 2014. Barzani should refuse to refuse. The areas were conquered by the Peschmerga militias against the IS in 2014.

Olfelder at Kirkuk: 70 percent of total oil production in northern Iraq

From the Perspective of the Central Government under Guide of Al-Abadi, it looked so that the gross olfields of Kirkuk produce 70 percent of total oil production in northern Iraq.

Thus, the unity of Iraq, which is anchored in the emergence, is a main argument, the Al-Abadi against the "illegitimate" Praise Kurdish independence. The Olproduktion near Kirkuk, who wanted to keep the KRG entirely in her hands, was allowed to weigh at least as hard. In addition, the KRG, which can not be called a small part as a power branch of the Barzani clan, consider considered sums in its own pockets. The corruption associated with olproduction is a hair-growing.

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