Kfc tinkes to chicken texture in the 3d printer

KFC tinkes to chicken texture in the 3D printer

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) wants to print nuggets. "Like now, they have not been printed?!", Move yourself to frill now. The love suggests, because the US Hahnchenbrater has put it into almost perfect perversion abstraction in terms of carnique food. The name "Popcorn nuggets" For bite-friendly parts of formerly live beings, which a person raises himself as a snack for his WANST, speaks for himself.

KFC tinkes to chicken texture in the 3D printer

Not printed are these nuggets that people can pure peers.

But it’s still abstract. After KFC tested last year in Atlanta together with the company Beyond Meat chicken on herbal base, the nuggets should now come from the 3D printer. Helping the Russian company 3D Bioprinting Solutions, writes KFC, and refers to it as "Meat of the future". There is an increasing demand for alternatives to traditional meat and more environmentally friendly methods of food production. On top of that, people wanted to reward increasingly healthy.


Therefore, KFC now has a project, in which in the fall of this year in Moscow the first chicken nuggets in the world should arise, which have seen a laboratory according to consumption in the store and not about the stake in a chicken farm and the mass tuning machines. They should not be distinguished both in the taste and in the bite of previous KFC products, assets KFC.

The coming nuggets are made of vegetable material and "Chicken cells", with which it should be possible to be possible, also the "texture" Appearance of chicken. And – that is the highlight’s trick – while the entire production process, no single animal should be involved. That is much ethical, assistant KFC. The company contributes its secret gourms, so that everything tastes as always. Kenners know that every gray, tasteless pamp is only through color and gourms to get what we hold for such. See bratwurstwurze.

Steve Cutts illustrates the handling of people with their environment.

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