Kba: rim break at tt concepts and giovanna design

The Federal Corporation Office (KBA) warns of beneficial breaks of special beads, which from the companies TT Concepts E.K., Drenthestr. 1 in 48429 Rheine or Giovanna Design, Drenthestr. 1 were acquired in 48429 Rhine. There is a possibility that the assembled special raders can break due to inadequate strength during the ride. These are the following orders:

Surname Wheel-groove Bolt circle (LK) Mining depth (ET)
Magnum 19×8,5J 5×100 35
Magnum 19×8,5J 5×120 35
Magnum 19×9,5J 5×112 35
Magnum 20x9j 5×112 35
Magnum 20x10J 5×112 40
Casino 19×8,5J 5×112 40
Casino 19×9,5J 5×112 40
Casino 20x9j 5×112 40
YSM251 19×8,5J 5×130 55
YSM251 19x11J 5×130 55
YSM320 20x9J 5×112 35
F5129 19×8,5J 5×112 45

The probability of occurrence of a bike break increases with the useful life. Therefore, the KBA recommends, a vehicle at which O. G. Special radder are mounted, not to use. Please contact the product manager.

Company TT Concepts E.K. Owner Anatolij Obert Drenthestre. 1 48429 Rheine

(Press release of the KBATo)

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