Kazakhstan tries again to tore secure connections

The Kazakh regime forces Internet users in the capital only-sultan currently to install an insecure certificate in their browsers. Who does not do that, can no longer access foreign websites such as Google, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or Netflix. Officially it is one "Cyber security". In fact, the certificate is used to switch off the full security through HTTPS connections.

That reports Zdnet. The certificate allows the agent to accept not only in all connections, but also manipulate them. So the regime can change information to introduce negligence or false information that realize real.

Regime does not give up

It is already the third goal of the Government of Kazakhstan, locked internet traffic to overwake. 2015 and again in 2019, the government had tried to suspend its own root certification facility (root-ca) from Mozilla. Mozilla-based browsers such as Firefox had created the Created by Kazakhstan Certificates Falsely marked as a trustwurried and chopping man-in-the-middle attacks tur and gate.

Mozilla has rejected this application. As is the Government of Kazakhstan’s government already tried to force the end users to manual installation of the Abhore Certificate. The browser manufacturers have set the former certificate to their black lists. Kazakhstan is considered one of the Landers with the most common DNS manipulation.

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