K question of the union: laschet box

K question of the Union: Laschet Box

Armin Laschet remained brazing. Photo: Olaf Kosinsky / CC BY-SA 3.0 DE

The CDU boss and NRW-Minister Prosident has mostly launched the party board on his side, but does not work unscathed in the election campaign. Whether CSU chef Soder really gives up, is not fixed yet

For Armin Laschet, it had been worse that night, but not much worse. Although the CDU Federal Board talked about more than six-hour advice by majority of the fact that the party feet selected in January should also be Chancellor’s candidate of the Union Parties. However, it was previously called "Subscriber circuits" up and down, how little support of the North Rhine-Westfalian Minister Prosident Lashet has allegedly in other CDU country.

Accordingly, Federal Ministers Minister Peter Altmaier for CSU Chief Markus Soder spoke as a Chancellor’s Chief: He does not know County Association, which wools as Chancellor’s candidate, Altmaier said for information from picture and mirror. The CDU vice and Hessian Minister Prosident Volker Bouffier should have warned against acceptance problems at the base.

For a successful election campaign are the conceivable bad conditions. Also surveys speak rather for soder than for lashing. In this respect, the Saarland Minister President Tobias Hans argued Pragmatic: "Rather a chancellor of the CSU as the green." Although correctly threatens no chancellor of the grunes, because Annalena Baerbock was presented as their candidate on the Monday morning annalena Baerbock and, in the congress in June, is all the anticipation of it – but that was able to hardly reare the worried Union politicians. Loading should still have been massively on the vote, which he finally won with 31 to nine voices.

Chalk between Soder and Lashet at the weekend had remained without result – both had held on their chancellor’s ambitions. Sodder had explained then he will accept every decision of the CDU, but highlighted how important it was that "Board, faction and base that want to be shared". Respect for the party bodies is self-consuming for him, but also the mood in membership and the population should be considered, he said on Monday at a press conference of the CSU. This ultimately loves a hindering open to claim his ambitions again.

Last week, Sodder had explained it "wise, if you do not just decide in a small back room" – and was sharply criticized for Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer (CDU): he is in question the legitimate of party committees.

In the meantime, it looked as if the mood was tilted to Soders favorards in this body – now we got away with a blue eye for the time being, but was not very unpretentiously in the election campaign. Whether the power struggle is really over, is not yet 100 percent. For example, Soders Handles had collected signatures for a vote in the Union faction in the Bundestag.

The powers of both candidates

With a view to a potential "black-green" or "grun black" Coalition – Currently most likely the most conceivable possibility – both candidates were severely mediated at the base of the Grununen: Lashet is considered a brake in terms of climate protection and as "Coal-Konig" From NRW, because in the Rhenish Revier, despite the decided coal outward exit, he does not remember to rub further Dorfer for carbon degradation. Soder stands as Bavarian Minister Prosident for a police task law, against which Grunen politician has sued before the Federal Scarf Court. When it was adopted in 2018 in the Bavarian state parliament, Grunen faction leader Katharina Schulze of the CSU threwers to massively confront the freedom rights.

However, the grunes had also adopted at their first government participation in the federal government – at that time on the side of the SPD – by once important principles. The former Party of the Peace Movement provided with Joschka Fischer the Foreign Minister, who made himself strong in 1999 for German participation in the NATO war against Yugoslavia. In this respect, they were also able to cope with Laschet or Soder as coalition partners.

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