Joe biden wants to use google critic as antitrugwaxes for the us

Joe Biden wants to use Google critic as antitrugwaxes for the US

The US Prasident Joe Biden wants to use the Google Critic Jonathan Edge as an cartel waxier. Ongoing trap towards Google and Apple, he was directly to take over and answer further complaints. The antitrust lawyer edge already represented companies against Google and made himself strong to make polluting mergers rushing and breaking monopolies.

Running complaints against Google and Apple

Edge would thus be able to state ongoing procedures as because of competitive offsets in the Google Play Store and a monopoly suit against Google in the field of digital ad market. In addition there are competitive investigations against Apple and their requirements for developers in the App Store.

As Deputy Attorney General Goods Kantler able to submit your own complaints to stop mergers. "The antitrust demand is hardly any life", said edges at an event on Amazon in 2016 according to Bloomberg Law.

"When was the last time that you can remember that a coarse cartel fabrication has brought a monopolizing case? The reason why you can not remember it is that you did not do it", criticized the cartel lawyer. Edge nomination still needs to be approved by the Senate.

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