Java: osgi core release 8 is the last rough litter of osgi alliance

Java: Osgi Core Release 8 is the last rough litter of OSGI Alliance

For the OSGI Core Release 8, the final specification, reference implements and compliance tests are now available. OSGI was originally an acronym for Open Services Gateway Initiative and describes a modular system and a service platform for the programming language Java, which implements a dynamic component model.

The publication is one of the last actions of the OGGI Alliance, which has announced in October, to submit the projects of the Eclipse Foundation and to dissolve after successful handover.

Connections and conditions in focus

In the context of the initiation of the first draft, the organization has already introduced the two rough newcomers to the specification: OSGI Connect and OSGI Condition Service. The former offers a mechanism to connect bundles within the framework with external, the content of which is managed outside the framework.

The Condition Service is used to signal that a certain prerequisite is for termination. He supplements the Service Layer of OSGI by a uniform service that informs other specifications or applications of the necessary conditions. The Condition Service serves as aquivalent to requirements and capabilities in the module layer. In addition to the two newcomers, the specification offers some assessments of existing services.

A turchen in the Advent

In the course of further disclosure of work at the Eclipse Foundation, OSGI Alliance has given its git repository on Github. It finds itself for the art development of the specification the repository for the OGI Specification Project Build.

Within the Eclipse Foundation, two groups should coordinate the other processes around OSGI: the OSGI Specification Project would then be responsible for the further development of the specification taking into account the Eclipse Foundation Specification Process, during the OSGI Technology Project for technical projects beyond the design of the specification to be, including recent testing support project presented at the EclipSecsecsecon 2020, to which a repository also exists on Github.

Further details can be found in the article on the OSGI blog, which ends with the call to participate in the specification at the Eclipse Working Group, which takes both companies and individual persons. The current specification can be found on the documentation page of the OSGI Alliance.

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