Jan fleischhauer, the atlantic brucke and the cia

Jan Fleischhauer, the Atlantic Brucke and the CIA

Jan Fleischhauer. Photo: Olaf Kosinsky. License: CC BY-SA 3.0

Blind stains in Transatlantic Lodge

Mirror author Jan Fleischhauer, proud member of the transatlantic lobby club Atlantic-Brucke E.V., Early have a huge time on the association of his lodge with the CIA. The Atlantic Brucke is a German-American Company Association, in which launched journalists, top politicians and industrial four-digit membership contributions pay to be nice to each other.

Fleischhauer joined a chapter in the Unwise Bestseller "Bought journalists" of the controversial author Udo Ulfkotte, who served for his lines to the Atlantic Brucke extensively from the Telepolis article Grune and Left on the Atlantic Break of 2013. Fleischhauer then tried in frightening naivitat to draw the relationship of the Atlantic Brucke to the CIA with sarcasm to the laughable.

Since the telepolis author avoids texts from meathauer with the same zeal as such of Ulfkotte, he only now rely on this humorian jewel of the conservative commentator. The transatlantically entangled journalist is not a reproach in particular for its historical deficits, as the origin of the Atlantic Break and the actual context with the CIA commonly unknown. While federal agents including intelligence services have their history of independent historian commissions work up, the roots of the Atlantic Brucke are likely to be neglected.

The media also leave the topic, because publishers and broadcasting enders are often a member. Therefore, at the Atlantic Brucke, about the 68 years and the past growth started at that time, are trailed without a trace, so that the unrepresented mirror column is helplessly trapped in his transatlantic echo chambers. For meatish artistic pot to spotting, it should be explained below, in which company he is actually.

Brown Brandfopfe

The Basic Legendary was initiated by the Atlantic Break in 1952 of three noble people, namely the US businessman John Jay McCloy, the German-American Banker Eric Warburg and the German Publish Marion Grafin Donhoff. In fact, however, every three is a US intelligence service. Even Brisanter: The structures and intensifications of this German-American friendship between Elites rich over three decades than the unloaded born 1952.

McCloy and the Warburg were prominent members in 1921 from the Rockellers and other billionar founded private think tank "Council On Foreign Relations" (CFR), in which the lobbyist of Wallstreet can decline the specifications for folified AUBE politicians of the United States. The CFR is particularly the springboard for careers in US Aufspolitik. Prasident of the CFR as all Dulles and Henry Kissinger stood later the US intelligence services. Above all, the cartel-friendly rockfellers made business with soil shells abroad, which did not always voluntarily cooperate. Also Eric Warburg’s Uncle Paul played an important role in the CFR: According to the historian Antony Sutton, Paul Warbug should have forgotten in 1929, whether Hitler is receptionally American money ("Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler"To).

John Jay McCloy was considered "Chairman" the American Establishment. Prior to the Second World War, McCloy not only advised a clique of legal national Wall Street billars such as Hitler worshipers and bustling Henry Ford, but also supplied the Italian fascist Benito Mussolini with loans. McCloy also acted as a legal adviser of the German chemical cartel IG colors, which manufactured the explosives for the bombs and the poison gas cyclone B and imported war-important fuels – for example from Rockefellers Standard Oil. In 1930 McCloy married a cousin of the wife of Konrad Adenauer and lived in 1936 the Olympics in Berlin in Hitler’s privately.

During the Second World War, Sud Stateler McCloy forced the race separation in the US militar. In the Pentagon black, blacks were not allowed to use the same toilets such as women or, for example, at the victory celebrations after the Second World War the idyll of sewing generals.

Marion Grafin Donhoff had maintained contact with the noble district of Kreisau circle during the Second World War, who committed himself to Hitler for a decade and then on 20. July 1944 unsuccessful an assassination attempt to dictator. In the last days of the war, Donhoff served the US intelligence service and then served – as since 1998 Web – as Agent of Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the affiliated organization.

The stripping puller

Also to the Zaungasten of the Fuhrerattat aquoise an American ex-diplomat, who, like his friend McCloy, acted as a corporate lawyer of the US Establishment and should be overvater the CIA: Allen Welsh Dulles. All Dulles was probably the real Spiritus Rector The Atlantic Break. Unlike his Sprooter brother John Foster Dulles, who should bring it to the Foreign Minister in 1954, was all Dulles a charming company Lowe, who undertaken his conversation partners.

The Dulles brother also worked u.a. For the Rocke Fellers, their industrial law firm specialized on the Aufenwirtschaft had well earned at the reconstruction of Germany after the First World War well. All Dulles SAB in the 1930s U.a. On the Supervisory Board of the US Bankhaus Henry Schroeder, which financed the NSDAP. For Dulles business partners, the spatere Wehrwirtschaftsfuhrer Eduard Schulte and the industrial Hjalmar Schacht, who appointed together with other German Elites 1933 Hindenburg in a letter to appoint Adolf Hitler to the new Reich Chancellor. The shaft valid as financial generation became Hitler’s Reichsbankprasident and Immreed Ministers.

All Dulles and his brother John Foster Dulles, who also represented German companies such as the IG’s colors, had been decisive opponents of the Prasident Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s policy. In the 1930s, they financed legal national organizations such as America First and American Liberty League, and they supported Republican Prassadship Candidates. There were those circles in which one even considered a fascist coup against Roosevelt. Dulle’s clients continued their business with Nazi Germany even after the war in the US.

Warkeeping service

All Dulles and Paul Warburg were involved during the Second World War at the constitution of the warkeeping service OSS. The modest successes of the OSS assisted psychological warring by propaganda, in which to span the civil media on the home front for the descriptment. In 1942, Dulles traveled to Switzerland entrapped by Fascists, where he should use his business contacts to Germany for spying. On the financial center Switzerland Operation Dulles secretly continued to shop with German companies and their camouflage organizations, for example for his client Prescott Sheldon Bush. InvestmentBanker Bush had acted for Hitler Financier Fritz Thyssen as a business partner of various German-American companies – including the working and concentration camp Auschwitz. The bombing of the railway lines to Auschwitz took the militar no less than business friend John McCloy.

DULLES already had a secure knowledge of the Holocaust from different sources, but concealed industrial mass murder against Roosevelt. While his prasident only an unconditional capitulation of Germany accepted and expressly prohibited negotiations on a separately peace with Germany, Dulles took over midman, such as high-ranking SS people contact German elites. How many militars was also dulles thought that you got the false enemy with Germany, rather he wanted to drove war with the Germans against the then Allies Stalin. Roosevelt Mistrust Dulles and planned to put him in court after his juvenile. However, the prasident died in office and had not shared many of his secrets with his vice of Truman, who had other priorities – like McCloy from the nuclear bomb responsible for civilians.

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