It’s about the german sausage

Criticism of Turkish subtitles in ZDF

We have to wear all very warm. No, not because of the icy temperatures that are currently drugs prevailing. Not because of the crisis of German sausage. But because of a pilot project of ZDF. The family transmitter plans namely for artistic broadcasts with Turkish subtitles over the teletext, including the thriller series "A case for two".

In contrast, nothing speaks, should at least take. But the CDU and the Republicans see it very different. In terms of almost the same length, in press releases of both parties is warned against a disintegration of our society. The subtitles, it is called by the CDU, called for a multicultural society with many parallel companies. Because, republicans, such a maaking, in particular, young Turks in the adoption Bestard Konne Konne that it was not so important to learn the German language.

"But it is not the task of ZDF to ensure that the Turks in Germany can more easily pursue the program, but it is the task of the people living in Germany to master the German language so far that they have the opportunity, active in the Company participate. Those who can not even follow the content of simple television films linguistically, which is prudent for a life in a parallel partnership." (CDU)

Increased arguments, which are already completely world question. Finally, it’s just the boys under the turks that have the fewest problems with the German language. In addition, young viewers, whether Turkish or German descent, now prefer the private channel, so bigbrother, viva and co., Where we know a fully blatant German is spoken.

"The ZDF signals only one thing with its initiative: ABS more and more German institutions are bending before the integration of foreigners in Germany and make a constitant after another. This is a revealing one of the so-called integration policy." (Republican)

The ZDF offer is therefore aimed in reality mainly at the ages with us living with us, which have been so far more of Turkish channels anyway, and which may now take a look at the German program. That’s exactly what was then requested by the CDU and the Republican excited integration. And therefore the criticism of the subtitles is so nonsensical that we had to think about the German sausage and their consequences when reading the press releases of the two parties.

And when we read in the right-wing NIT forum: "It is aimed that a state German television station says, now also to adapt its own program to the habits of around 2.5 million turboles. The majority will be integrated into the minority.", we even habit the cattle blob.

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