Including numbers quarter 1-2018

Including numbers quarter 1-2018

The first quarter of 2018 is over and a look at the sales figures of new cars shows interesting details. On the one hand, the proportion of private received increased sharply and is now 39.2 percent. This is so remarkable, especially because most new cars that are currently being sold will be outdated in a few months in an important way.

Current uncertainty

With the judgment of the Federal Administrative Court, the debate on the exhaust gases of diesel engines reached a prematrace. The new Federal Government has promised to prioritize the topic and thus finally restore what all stakeholders rightly expect for a long time: recover a planning security. The current uncertainty leads to a curiosity at the new.In many cases, new cars with a "buying program" are printed in the market, which do not create binding emission standard Euro 6c in Europe for all new cars from September 2018.

This applies above all the gasoline, to which many customers change in view of the diesel debate. And that’s many. In the first three months of last year, the gasoline share was 54.5 percent, in the first quarter of 2018, it was 63 percent. At the diesel, the share of the entire received from 42.7 to 32.3 percent went back. Only: Buyers who want to escape with a gasoline of exhaust gas discussion could find themselves faster than expected in the center of the next debate. Because with the exhaust standard Euro 6C, the permitted particle number of gasoline is significantly reduced with direct injection. Most motors will only create that with a particle filter – a circumstance that is well aware of the manufacturers. Nevertheless, they play on time and let customers who are not informed in the trap.

The next victims

Because the ongoing debate is foreseeable: already warning physicians that particles are more harmful for health than that in the youngest past so much attention to nitrogen oxide. It is to be expected that exactly this circumstance will get an increased media attention from the summer of 2018. Uninformed builders of current new cars with gasoline without filters were wondering if that is a bad joke – the there, mind you is made to your costs. They are the next victims in a game of politics and manufacturers who have not learned nothing from the debate of the past years. Politics, because she does not want to hurt a jerk-free, the manufacturers because they want to save the costs for the filter to the end. That the latter prove to the combustion engine with a cash service, does not seem to be clear to each one of those responsible.

Once again, almost all manufacturers wait until shortly before the end to switch to the new exhaust limits. Compliance costs money, which ultimately narrows the return. Just imagine, the market-making Volkswagen Group was determined in the face of dramas caused by him around manipulated exhaust values at the end of 2015 to convert all vehicles within a short time to the exhaust standard Euro 6D Temp. The competition had to be matched. The realitat looks completely different.

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