If the car stays at home: giving the key to friends

If the car stays at home on vacation, holder without garage or parking space before temporary parking bans. "To do this, make the key best to good friends looking at and from after the vehicle," says Rainer Hillgartner from the Auto Club Europa (ACE). If, for example, take a change due to moving or construction work, the friends could act.

In terms of automotive insurance, it should be noted that the entrusted friends or acquaintances can drive the car according to the concluded Police. Otherwise, you can often connect the user circle with a simple call to the insurance, Alina already succeed, spokeswoman at the Total Association of the German Insurance Industry (GDV).

A special case can occur if the car is broken into the car in the absence of the car owner and the police take the damage. Because the car can not be removed otherwise elsewhere, make the officials for sure. This happens to preserve the vehicle from further damage – for example when the disc was taken.

The towing costs usually take over the partial comprehensive insurance, says Alina already. Not a matter of insurance, but often covered by the vehicle protection letter, are therefore the custody costs that the police collect with a few euros per day. For security, motorists should decline the conditions in advance.

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