Iea: electric car market suffers less under the corona crisis as a burner

IEA: Electric car market suffers less under the corona crisis as a burner

This year, according to a study, around 2.1 million electric cars are expected to sell worldwide, as many as last year. On the other hand, the global sales at all car types will be accompanied by 15 percent based on numbers from January to April 2020, the International Energy Agency (IEA) of the OECD.

If the forecast arrives, the electro-car segment was 3 percent of the worldwide new cars; That’s a record value, shares the IEA with. On the straws were then a total of 10 million electric cars on the way.

Over the past ten years, the sale of e-new cars was more than 30 percent higher. In 2019, however, growth was only 6 percent, as the rules had changed in China and shrank the car sales in important market. Electric cars had nevertheless achieved with 2.6 percent by the highest share of the global car market.


In China, despite the deteriorated conditions 2019 with more than one million worldwide, the half of all electric cars sold. The European market came to 561 according to IEA.000 E cars, the USA to 327.000. These are loaded at 7.3 million charging stations, of which are about 800.000.

IEA: Electric car market suffers less under the corona crisis as a burner

Stock of electric cars (in millions) from 2010 to 2019.

The IEA rises unacceptances that could result from a potential second corona pandemewelle and a slower as expected recovery of the economy. Ultimately, much of how governments react to the pandemic and emerge consumers from the crisis.

Battery capacity

The IEA proceeds that the battery capacity for electric cars will continue to increase. By 2030, an average range of up to 400 km came into consideration or capacity of 80 kWh. If more than 170 GWh, were currently produced by a total of 170 GWh, it could be up to 3 TWh, depending on demand.

The IEA is from 250 million electric vehicles worldwide, which accounted for 4 percent of the total electricity needs; Related electro cars 0.3 percent of the electricity.

Electric cars in Germany

Volkswagen has been returning since September 2020 with the ID.3 the first electrical car of its coarse offensive on the e-sector.

The Federal Government’s Economic Package provides for an increased purchase program for electric cars, but no claim for cars with burners. Also in France or Greece, the Pramie for E cars is increased. The market researchers of EY had broken down the fact that the overall gain of the 17 largest autoconement of the world in the first quarter has shrunk by 58 percent to 7.5 billion euros.

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